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Monthly Real Estate Showings Data: February Shows Consistent Rise for 2012

March 08 2012

We spotted this on the Showing Suite blog.

We pulled our real estate showings statistics report for February 2012, and compared it to the last five years. According to Showing Suite’s CBSA reports, We’ve found that in 2012, home showings in February continue to rise, at a 15% increase compared to February of 2011. Real estate showings were at an all time low in February 2011, with a 23% drop compared to February of 2007, which had the most showings for the month of February within the last five years.

chart 1

In one of our recent reports, we’ve compiled real estate showings statistics data for January of 2012 and compared it to the last five years. In January’s report, we’ve found that showings were at an all time high in January 2012 since January 2007all time high in January 2012 since January 2007. For February 2012, our reports show that real estate showings in 2012 are consistently rising with a 4% increase in showings over last month, January 2012.

chart 2

In February 2012, more home buyers are becoming interested in homes over 2,000 square feet with a 20% increase in real estate showings over previous years. While in February 2007, buyers were 29% more likely to view a home smaller than 2,000 square feet.

Overall, our data shows a consistent rise in real estate showings for 2012. Could buyers be more interested in larger houses in February 2012 because they are now becoming more affordable compared to the years prior?

To view the original aritcle visit the Showing Suite blogShowing Suite blog.