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IAmA real estate agent: 25 Subreddits for you to bookmark

August 16 2023

reddit mobile phoneIf you've tried to Google anything lately, you've likely noticed that search results are less than stellar these days (as tech journalists and bloggers alike have opined). Looking for a solution, internet users have taken to adding "reddit" to their search terms, e.g. "marketing ideas reddit."

That's because Reddit is a massive online public community where users can converse with each other on just about every topic under the sun. It's likely that if you have a question about something, someone on Reddit has already answered it — including questions about real estate!

If you haven't visited Reddit before, the site is organized like a forum, and each area of interest has its own message board, or "subreddit." Users subscribe to the subreddits that interest them, and posts from each sub they follow are aggregated into a personalized newsfeed. It's a great way to keep an ear to the ground for the latest buzz on the topics you care about most.

But like we said, Reddit is massive. The site is home to 130,000+ active subreddits, so it can be daunting to find the ones that matter to you. Don't worry, though — we're not sending you into the Reddit jungle without a map. To help you get your bearings, we've rounded up 25 real estate related subreddits. You can follow them to keep up with the industry, get advice and ideas, find interesting content to share, and more.

Talking with peers and colleagues

There are lots of real estate subreddits geared toward consumers. These, however, are just for real estate pros to get together and communicate:

  • /r/Realtors - Connect and chat with your fellow agents here. A great place to get advice from your peers.
  • /r/RealEstateMarketing - Need fresh ideas to market your listings or attract new leads? Visit this subreddit to see what strategies your peers are using, and get advice on what works and what doesn't.

Keeping up with the market

What's going on with the real estate market today, and what's on the minds of the average real estate consumer? Take the pulse of the industry by visiting these subreddits:

  • /r/REBubble - There's a lot of anxiety about the state of today's real estate market (not that we have to tell you that). Visit this subreddit to talk about the current real estate bubble, see recent news stories, and spot trends.
  • /r/realestate and /r/Real_Estate - These two subreddits are aimed towards consumers. Use them to understand what today's buyers and sellers are thinking, wondering, and worrying about. The questions consumers ask here are wonderful fodder for blog post ideas. Simply find a question you connect with and write an article that answers it.
  • /r/CommercialRealEstate and /r/realestateinvesting/ - If you specialize in working with investors or with commercial properties, try these two subs. You can leverage them in a way similar to the pair above. Both investors and real estate pros frequent these subreddits.
  • /r/RealEstateAdvice - Buying and selling a home is a complicated process, especially for the average consumer who only transacts a handful of times in their life. That makes for a lot of questions about the sales journey. Dive in to offer your advice — or just sit back and get a sense of what real estate consumers (and sometimes other agents!) are asking.
  • /r/RealEstateFinance - Financing is a big part of any real estate transaction. This subreddit offers in-depth conversations on mortgages, interest rates, 1031 exchanges, and more.

The lighter side of real estate

Nothing relieves the tensions of a work day like a good laugh! Check out these two subreddits for crazy listings, ridiculous real estate photos, absurd home features, and more:

The geekier side of real estate

Love both technology and real estate? You'll appreciate these subreddits then. Beware, though — the atmosphere in this neighborhood is unrepentantly geeky and there are a ton of technical terms flying around.

Home-centric subreddits

If you're looking for content ideas, remember that consumers don't spend much of their lives actively buying or selling a home. They spend most of it living in their home! The following subreddits are a great source of content ideas to share with current homeowners. Visit them to inspiration for your newsletter, social media, or blog:

Local real estate subreddits

As the saying goes, "All real estate is local." Reddit offers a lot of subforums for location-specific real estate conversations. This is great for networking with both local real estate pros and consumers. Many larger areas already have local real estate subreddits up and running, like /r/FloridaRealEstate, /r/LosAngelesRealEstate, and /r/BayAreaRealEstate, to name a few.

To find one for your area, type "real estate [your city or state]" in Reddit's search area. Can't find one? Consider starting your own!

Above all, remember that while Reddit isn't the place for self-promotion (that will get you kicked out of most subreddits), it's a great place to network, build your reputation, track trends, and get advice.

There you have it — the nickel tour of the best real estate subs that Reddit has to offer. Happy Redditing!