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Real Estate Internet Marketing 2012 - Part 2

March 05 2012

This is Part Two of an article we published yesterday. To view Part One, click here.

Optimized Websites- I really want to go over value of content on a web page and stress the importance of original, unique content as one of the most devastating algorithm updates Google has ever released is highly focused on eliminating useless pages from the index (the index is essentially all the pages that Google has record of in their databases). For the longest time, content, however minimal, was somewhat, to very valuable so people would use software that would take a well written or not so well written article and replace much of the content with synonyms or worse, create word soup to try to get traffic to their website. Much of the time, the site simply housed advertisements so the webmaster was gaming the system to make easy money on clicks. The problem with this is that it was getting increasingly frustrating for Google’s users, you and me, to find good results for searches, so Google took some pretty drastic measures to clean up the index. So now, making sure that all of your important pages have quality articles that are themed around what the page is optimized for (page titles, meta data) is super important. This means no copy and paste or using content libraries that your real estate website company provides to fill out your pages. You need to make sure the content that you do have is unique to each page and not repeated on other pages, this is really the worst thing that you can do for yourself.

Lots of keywords are important but the thing to keep in mind is that lots of keywords doesn’t mean use the same keyword or phrase repeated all over the page, you can come up with derivatives of the keyword, I’ll use the example “Austin homes for sale”, you can also state this as Austin Houses for sale or Properties in Austin TX or real estate for sale in Austin or MLS listings for Austin. There are a lot of different ways to express the same keyword.

Moreover, you can do this across pages by breaking the market into many niches of real estate such as Austin gated homes and on that page, (of course supported by MLS listings that match that property feature such as what our technology provides), Austin gated community property, gated real estate in Austin TX, etc. This sounds like a tremendous amount of work and it is, but we have the big picture completely under control and see fantastic results in markets using our automated real estate technology that does all of this for you. You simply choose your market and desired niches.

Aggressive Offsite SEO Strategy- Really, today, you have to approach marketing real estate with an overall strategy and that definitely includes social media, the usual channels that we’ve all heard of but what you may not realize is that having powerful social media profiles can directly impact your ability to rank for your websites keywords. Google+ is being pushed very aggressively right now by Google. There’s some really exciting stuff being done and right now, if you create a profile and a business page there’s some huge opportunity to get noticed in a good way and quite easily for once. This is their baby so you can bet they are going to go all out promoting it and making sure that people adopt it and new algorithm changes have a lot of people in the SEO world predicting that the social graph is going to become a highly significant ranking factor. If the links to your website don’t show a blip on the social graph, it’s going to look kind of funny to Google especially if you’re paying to get a bunch of low quality links pointed to your site.

Create a YouTube Channel and post on it; we have an Animoto tutorial on our real estate marketingreal estate marketing training page that goes over how to use this easy program to create videos simply from pictures. Claim your company profile on Google Places or if you’re an individual and you have a dedicated address to use, list yourself.  Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile at Google posted recently that 850,000 Android devices are being activated every day. That’s staggering! Since mobile search results are based heavily on GPS location, you’d better think about using some of the free resources out there to get your NAP, (name, address and phone number) sorted out and standardized. Fill those profiles out 100%, not just the bare minimum, there’s huge opportunity there if you just use it! Start posting pictures anywhere and everywhere and make sure to tag them appropriately. A good strategy is to take pictures in and around the area you want to sell or list homes, tag them with the community name and if your picture is compelling, you may get traffic from your picture that someone finds on Google images while researching the area for relocation.

Be Realistic- Ranking takes time, even when going very aggressive, don’t expect a flood of traffic – search engines move at their own rate, typically we tell clients to wait at least six months before expecting to see a difference in web traffic. Going overboard and buying a lot of low quality links to your site can get you noticed in a bad way so whether stopping or starting your marketing efforts keep in mind that search engines can see the trend. 1000 low quality links overnight, you can bet that will get noticed and your ranking might go on a vacation down South. Use a good real estate website provider that offers indexable IDX, write good content both onsite and off, use social media intelligently and consistently and localize your web presence.

To view the original article, visit the Dynamic Page Solutions blog.