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How One Luxury Broker Is Using Philanthropy to Cement His Brand

August 08 2023

Rob Thomson sells high-end waterfront homes and properties located in club communities in Southern Florida. And he's also a prime example of someone who gives back to the area; he's spent decades carving out a name for himself in the region, not just as one of the premiere real estate professionals, but also as one of the most philanthropic givers.

His latest endeavor is a noteworthy one: Thomson raised money to purchase and donate a custom bus for the special needs students at William T. Dwyer High School. This is one of many donations that Thomson has made throughout his career; in one of his earliest acts of giving, he provided more than 500 bicycles to a church during the holiday season.

Curious about how Thomson's efforts to give back have helped make a name for him and his business? Read the full story from Real Estate Webmasters:

REW waterfront propertiesIn an era where standing out from the competition is more important than ever, some brokerages are taking a unique approach to gaining visibility — by "doing good."

In a multi-part series we're going to cover the efforts of Waterfront Properties, their staff, and their ownership in the hopes to inspire other agents, teams, and brokerages to "do more" when it comes to giving back.

Not only giving back good for business… it's good for the soul!

Here's our first story:

C0003.MP4.07 38 11 10.Still001Rob Thomson, esteemed luxury Realtor and owner of Waterfront Properties, continues his decades-long streak of community impact with his latest act of generosity. Thomson is proud to announce his upcoming donation of a custom bus to William T. Dwyer High School, benefiting the school's special needs students. This donation, the second of its kind and a culmination of over a year of planning and fundraising, exemplifies Thomson's unwavering commitment to providing support to those in need.

Inspired by his mother's words, "It's not ours to keep, it's ours to manage," Thomson has become a prominent figure in philanthropy, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives for over two decades. His dedication to giving back has become a cornerstone of his legacy, with charitable endeavors spanning from providing holiday presents to underprivileged children through his program Charities for Children, to his fervent devotion to animal welfare as Vice President of Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Reflecting on his first philanthropic endeavor nearly 20 years ago, where he donated nearly 500 bikes to a local church during the holiday season, Thomson recalled the joy it brought to the children and the lasting impact it had on his family. This initial act of kindness inspired founding Charities for Children and set the stage for his ongoing commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Thomson's 2020 endeavor of a custom bus donation to Jupiter Public School further solidified his resolve to address the needs of special needs students in the community. Appalled by the poor condition of the bus, lacking essential safety measures and accommodations, Thomson took immediate action. Through his "Help Buy a Bus" Campaign on Facebook, he rallied support and successfully raised over $100,000.

Video from previous bus campaign

Inspired by the impact of his previous donation, Thomson has set his sights on William T. Dwyer High School, recognizing a similar, if not more immediate, need for improved transportation options for special needs students. With unwavering determination, he has spearheaded a campaign over the past year to build a custom bus specifically designed to cater to the comfort and unique requirements of these students. The donation, planned for this summer, will provide them with a safe, comfortable, and inclusive transportation experience.

Commenting on his upcoming donation to William T. Dwyer High School, Thomson stated, "With this upcoming donation, when I heard about the details, I just thought, 'Here we go again.' Opportunities to help others present themselves to you… then you take them. That's what I look at these as: opportunities."

Beyond his remarkable bus donation, Thomson's philanthropic endeavors extend to various causes. As the Vice President of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, he is launching the "Christmas in July" initiative, where he will cover the adoption fees for the families of all first responders. This heartfelt gesture aims to show appreciation for the unwavering dedication and sacrifice of these courageous individuals, providing them with an opportunity to bring home a loving companion from the largest cage-free, non-kill dog shelter in the United States.

How to get involved?

If you would like to get involved in this charity, or would like to learn more about charity marketing you can reach out to Rob Thomson, Owner of Waterfront Properties or Morgan Carey, CEO Of Real Estate Webmasters, the company that helps Waterfront Gain exposure through their charity efforts.