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What Makes You So Special?

February 29 2012

When you sit down to write or rewrite the “About Me” section on your web site or Facebook page, it’s easy to get stuck. Who are you? What are your credentials? And what’s going to really sell your reputation as a real estate agent? This section could be filled with something pasted and reworked from a colleagues’ site, but that would defeat the point. This section is a great opportunity to give prospects and employers what they’re looking for. Not only that, it can help shape your listing presentations and open-house marketing.

Several years ago, we posted something on the blog about how to write your about me pagehow to write your about me page. In a nutshell, here’s what we recommended that you keep in mind when writing this profile:

1) Who am I? (use your name, highlight credentials, education experience)
2) Why am I an agent? (personal motivation)
3) What do I do? (service types)
4) When did I start?
5) How do I do it? (your method of delivering great service & marketing)

But why not take this concept even further? Focusing on your skills, qualities, reputation and experience as you market yourself online can only help your business and bring you more leads, and not just from a “good karma” standpoint. A constant awareness of what makes you special is key as you connect with past, present and future clients across social networks and through real estate agent reviewsreal estate agent reviews on your ReachFactor profile.

Do you have any tips to share about how to promote yourself online? Share them in the comments section below!

To view the original article, visit the ReachFactor blogReachFactor blog.

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