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How To Utilize Video Blogging for Real Estate

February 27 2012

Video Blogging Equipment Guide Whats Best1Video blogging is perfect for describing neighborhoods and communities.  When I first read the post from American Express on video bloggingpost from American Express on video blogging by Chris Brogan, I immediately thought, this is great info to revamp Real Pro’s, not just agents selling real estate but their counter parts in mortgage, insurance and title. YouTube is ginormous and video just keeps getting more and more desired.

The AMEX post described various tools of the trade, like the Zi8, iPhones and computer related programs ideal for video blogging. Me, I am still a fan of the FLIP. It’s true, they won’t be producing FLIPS any more, but get one anyway.  The FLIP is awesome, easy to use and can be mounted on a tripod.  I have had mine for 3 years and it still runs like a champ!  The video below provides a few tips to keep in mind when making your videos:

Many agents shy away from video blogging, worried about  how they will appear in the video. Start out slow with just a short introduction about a neighborhood or community where you enjoy selling. Keep your videos to less than three minutes, any longer than that and potential viewers will over look your video.

Chris Brogan referenced “The workflow” which, to me, translates to “The Plan”

Here’s a simple plan of action to follow with video blogging for real estate:

  • Determine where you’ll take your video – neighborhood, event, etc
  • Decide what settings you’ll capture – the park tennis courts, community pool, etc
  • Review what you’ll discuss in the video, practice a couple times
  • Don’t make the length of the video to long — no longer than 2 to 3 minutes
  • Record the video.
  • Edit the video (adding captions, transitions, etc).
  • Upload the video to YouTube
  • Publish the video on your blog/site or wherever you want it to go – must use embed code
  • Promote the video via social channels, to your e-mail list and to whoever else it should be promoted
  • Schedule video blogging using your CRM program

When you read the post on Mashable  How the Real Estate Industry is Using Social MediaHow the Real Estate Industry is Using Social Media you’ll see the statistics for YouTube are staggering. Many real estate professionals do not see the immediate benefit to video blogging just yet … but  they will.  The fact that “73% of homeowners stated, they would be more likely to list with a Realtor offering video”, makes me wonder why only 12% of the real estate industry have a YouTube channel.

Add Video blogging to your marketing plan

Here’s this Real Pro’s advice, make time to create a plan on how you will incorporate video blogging into your marketing mix. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, it’s time to step up one and of course it must be branded to your online identity. When you position yourself to be your area’s  neighborhood expert in an array of your favorite communities, you’ll soon see there’s much to be shared with video blogging.  If you find you need a little help, you can always work with eProAgiwork with eProAgi.

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