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5 of Google’s Most Innovative Products for Better Real Estate Marketing

February 23 2012



Guest contributor Michelle Costa of Showing Suite brings us this article from their blog.

We recently got our hands on a copy of The Complete Guide to Google 2012 Edition and it made us realize just how powerful Google really is. This guide book reveals tons of cool secret tips and tricks that most people would never know you could do with Google software. Google first started out as just a search engine back in 1998. Since then, they’ve added a chain of truly revolutionary products, such as Gmail email service, Google Docs office suite, and Google+ social networking service. Google’s products have helped to make real estate marketing much easier and less time consuming. Check out a few of our favorite Google products for real estate, and how you can use them for your real estate marketing efforts:

Google Docs:One of the main perks of Google Docs is that it’s a free alternative to Microsoft Office products. Organize and store all your documents, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations in a “cloud” based server, so your info is always safe from getting lost or accidentally deleted, and auto-update prevents making the mistake of forgetting to save your work. Easily invite others to view, edit, or create documents in real-time while collaborating with other users. This makes it especially easy to share all your real estate marketing plans with your sellers or team members.
Picasa:This image organizer and editor integrates seamlessly with all your Google products. Picasa allows you to process, and adjust photos quickly and efficiently, where you can then create a slide show that you can share or embed into any website. As soon as your photos are posted on Picasa, your real estate team can quickly access them to create real estate marketing flyers, post on websites, or any way you wish.
Google+:Videos are the most popular thing on the Internet right now, and Google+ is not just another social networking site. The main appeal of Google+ is the ability to add live video recordings to a post… up to 15 minutes long! With so much time available, the possibilities are endless for real estate agents to build a strong online reputation. Another great advantage of Google+ is that you can hold “hangout” sessions and host live meetings via web cam. This is great for communicating with clients or team members who live at a long distance.
Google Maps:This may possibly be one of the most useful real estate marketing tools ever for agents and buyers. You can pinpoint an address on a map, and drag the street view icon onto that designated location. This allows you to view what the house would look like from the street, along with it’s surroundings (neighbors lawn overgrown?!). Google maps also makes it easier to give your clients directions to open houses or to real estate showings.
Android: As an agent, you already know that a smart phone is a must have product for real estate. The Android platform from Google has the most free mobile apps out of any mobile platform currently on the market. Android has a vast selection of apps for the real estate agent on the go, such as Zillow, Coldwell Banker, Realtor, Smarter Agent, Showing Suite,Showing Suite,Hotpads, and many more. One of the best things about Android is that it’s open source, which means all users have the ability to create and add their own app, so new mobile apps are constantly being added to the Android marketplace.

To learn more about these products for real estate, plus other cool technology Google offers, pick up a copy of The Complete Guide to Google 2012 Edition. Your real estate marketing efforts will never be the same!

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