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Real Estate Tips: Use Confident Body Language to Generate Business

March 23 2023

zurple confident body languageWhen you are trying to build rapport, engage real estate clients in a conversation or influence an action, you need to be conscious of how your approach is impacting clients. Awareness of what you're saying is just the tip of the iceberg. Words are important, but you also need to be aware of how you're saying it and what your body language is communicating.

As a real estate professional, you should always be mindful of your body language. It influences the first impression you make on others and can attract or repel potential clients. Do you fidget when you're talking to your prospective clients? Where are your hands? What is your posture like? Are you authentic and welcoming? If you're confident, you will not only impress those your talking to, but you'll have a more self-confidence as well.

Follow these five real estate tips on using confident body language to excel in your business and personal interactions:

Claim Your Territory

When you walk into a room, be confident in your movements. Don't cross your arms or hunch your shoulders. When sitting, practice an expansive body language — take up as much space as possible without invading your client's personal space to appear powerful and assertive.

Pay Attention to Micro Expressions

Our brain makes snap judgments based on facial micro expressions — very brief, involuntary facial expressions displayed when someone experiences an emotion. Pay attention to whoever you are talking to "flashing' any of these seven micro-expressions so you can address them right away: disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprise or contempt.

Don't Fidget

Be aware of any fidgeting, nervous cues or self-soothing behaviors (e.g. wringing hands, touching your hair, cracking knuckles, rubbing arms, biting your lips). These are all signs of being self conscious. To portray confidence, keep your arms loose and open and remain calm and composed.

Steeple Your Hands

"Steepling' is when someone brings their hands up in front of their chest and presses the tips of their fingers together. This is a gesture of confidence and self-assuredness. Use it strategically when listening attentively to your clients or prospects.

Don't Nod Your Head Too Often

While you want to appear friendly, don't overdo it by nodding your head too much. That can create an impression that you are a pushover. Only nod when you really agree with someone to give your opinion more weight. In some cases, you can also use a triple nod to encourage someone to keep talking.

Use these tips as a handy reference on how to portray confident body language when you're about to have a meeting with one of your prospective or current clients. Keep in mind, your non-verbal and verbal communication must match. People will always pay more attention and give more credence to your body language that to what you're saying.

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