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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Real Estate Business

March 06 2023

ttly use social media grow businessReal estate social media marketing is definitely a unique challenge because your market is outside the typical production chain of manufacturing to retail.

Instead, your products are property, your services are "concierge" and your clients are often one-time buyers. But that doesn't mean you can't build a powerful reputation for yourself as a reliable and rewarding real estate business to work with.

Social media is one of the most flexible marketing channels available, making it ideal for real estate marketing. The platforms are often have a highly visual focus and also bring local community members together online. You can use these elements to build a social media presence and begin finding clients through social media for your real estate business.

Ready to get started? Here's how to tackle social media marketing for a real estate brand:

Build an Online Presence for Your Realty Office

Your online presence is something like a resume for customers. Real estate customers are often careful, doing their homework on an agency or brokerage before choosing. The more profound your online presence, the more clout you will have with researching buyers and sellers. The key is to know how to use each platform to build the right kind of presence for either credibility, momentum, or both.

Facebook Business Account

  • Create a page and build rich content for your social media business listing
  • Add each new home listing and announce when homes are sold
  • Spotlight success stories

Twitter and Instagram Activity

  • Highly visual platforms for your best real estate photos
  • Post eye-candy property marketing
  • Build a presence and then a following

LinkedIn Reputation Curation

  • Create a professional presence for clients who investigate your brand more thoroughly
  • Also great for networking with other real estate professionals

Showcase Beautiful Property Photos on Image Social Media

Social media is image-driven and so is good real estate marketing. When you have a gorgeous photo walkthrough for a new property, post that eye-candy on your social media channels. Make stories and collections on the most image-driven platforms, while detail platforms like Facebook can host the entire listing alongside your best images. You should also include shots and links to your 3D virtual tours.

Share House Listing with Local Groups

Many social media platforms help locals find each other through groups and interests. Join a few local groups for locals and especially for those house-hunting and looking to sell property in your area. Start sharing home listings, photos, and fun stories with local groups to build a rapport and grow awareness with locals about your available properties.

Create a Feed History of Beautiful Homes Sold

When a new lead first stumbles across your brand's social media profile, they may spend a few moments scrolling down through your past posts. Dazzle, delight, and entertain viewers who are keeping up in real-time and those reading your entire feed in one fascinated sitting. With beautiful and engaging social media content, your page can become a drat on entertainment value alone.

Share Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Use social media to share fun and personalizing stories about your past successes. Invite clients to share their testimonials through video, audio, or written stories of their experience with your team. These personal windows into your brand are the kind of content that makes audiences feel connected to you and confident in your ability to achieve more happy conclusions for future clients.

Invite Past (and Future) Clients to Share on Your Page

User-generated-content is a powerful marketing tool, especially for social media campaigns. Use your social media channels to invite past – and even future – clients to share their stories, photos, and ideas on your page. Encourage user-generated content that is uplifting and relates to your real estate sales and community.

Network with Other Agents for Hard-to-Sell Houses

Lastly, social media makes it easier to network with other local real estate businesses for the kind of partnerships everyone benefits from. Get the word out to buyers' agents if you have a hard-to-sell property that needs a special buyer. Find out about lesser-marketed properties for your hard-to-please buyer. Even B2B, social media is good for your real estate business.

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