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Creating a Great First Impression: The Role of Pre-Sale Renovations in Real Estate

March 06 2023

revive first impression presale renovationsHere are some reasons why pre-sale renovations are essential for today's market:

  1. Increase Property Value: Renovating a property before putting it on the market can significantly increase its value. By making updates and repairs, you'll be able to list the property at a higher price point, potentially earning your client a greater profit. On average, agents that partner with Revive help their clients make an additional $186,000 in added profit. As a bonus, well-maintained properties are more attractive to potential buyers, who may be willing to pay a premium for a home that's turnkey. In fact, 7 out of 10 of today's buyers would sacrifice square footage for a move-in-ready home!

  2. Faster Sale: Did you know renovated homes sell faster by 72%? When a property is in turnkey condition, buyers are more likely to make an offer quickly, knowing that they won't need to invest time and money into repairs or upgrades. In contrast, a property that needs a lot of work may sit on the market for months, with little to no offers or interest.

  3. More Interest: Every listing agent wants a property marketed as a "hot home." A renovated property is more likely to attract a larger pool of potential buyers. Buyers want move-in-ready homes and are often willing to pay a premium for them. A renovated property can also help your listing stand out from the others, generating more interest and potentially leading to multiple offers.

  4. Better Photos: Again, first impressions matter! Especially, in today's digital age, the first impression of a property often comes from online photos. A pre-sale renovation can help make the property look more appealing in photos, leading to more clicks and views online. Professional photos of a renovated property will show off the updates and repairs, creating a better first impression for potential buyers.

  5. Good Reputation: As a real estate professional, your reputation is everything. By recommending pre-sale renovations to your clients, you'll be seen as a proactive and knowledgeable agent who is committed to helping your clients get the most out of their property sale. This can lead to more referrals and repeat business in the future.

Agents that partner with a listing concierge are the ones maximizing the value of their listings. By investing in updates and repairs before putting a property on the market, you'll increase its value, speed up the sales process, generate more interest, create better photos, and build a good reputation as an agent who goes above and beyond for their clients. Pre-sale renovation partners, like Revive, offer agents an all-in-one solution for their clients by fronting the cost of needed repairs and renovations with $0 money out-of-pocket. It's a real estate game changer that'll increase your commission and increase your client's profit. Talk about a win-win.

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