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Get Real Estate Leads WITHOUT Talking About Real Estate

February 28 2023

What does being a Porsche enthusiast have to do with cultivating real estate leads? For Realtor Matt LaMarsh, everything!

LaMarsh has built a local community by creating content around a topic he's passionate about. For LaMarsh, that topic is Porsche cars. By creating and leading a Facebook group for nearby Porsche enthusiasts, LaMarsh is building connections with people with similar interests. And when his fellow Porsche lovers are ready to buy or sell a home, they call Matt.

Essentially, LaMarsh gets real estate leads by not explicitly talking about real estate. Ingenious? Perhaps—but it's something every agent can do. And it works because when you engage with the things you're most passionate about, people take notice—and want to engage with you in return!

So how can real estate agents build their own local community around their interests? Watch the video above for LaMarsh's advice on getting started!

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