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Customized Real Estate Marketing to Kill It in a Crowded Market

February 07 2023

boomtown kill it in a crowded marketThe real estate field is crowded, and competition is fierce. What compounds this for most agents is just how extremely busy everyone is. Battling multi-offer scenarios, exhaustive showing schedules… So how can you cut through the noise and set yourself apart from the competition without putting more work on your plate and trying to make time appear out of nowhere? Smart tech and customizable marketing can cut through the digital noise, differentiate you from the competition, and build trust.

1. Custom landing pages to target buyers and sellers in refreshing ways (digitally!)

A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Landing pages are a great way to drive traffic to your website, improve your SEO, and build your brand. They're also part of a PPC strategy that delivers the ROI. Create landing pages to target specific groups of people and capture their interest and info. It's like a mini website and a specialized marketing campaign.

For example, create pages to promote thematic campaigns, like a "Coming Soon" page, a Seller Landing Page, Feature a Listing, Promote First Time Home Buyer Program or a Credit Repair Program.

These landing pages are quick ways to capture interest, market to a niche audience, and flex more marketing opportunities without building a lot of collateral. They are also a fast and much more noticeable way to promote your specialize programs and offerings, or featured and coming soon properties.

2. Automated drip campaigns keep your leads engaged, and you top-of-mind

Consumers want to work with a brand that they feel like they know. That's why leveraging the right nurture campaigns are crucial to making sure things are working "backstage" in your business while you're out in the field and running from showing to showing.

Drip campaigns for new buyer leads can consist of a series of emails that pipe in tailored neighborhood updates, leverage the hotsheet to highlight fresh listings opportunities, and info that helps those in specific situations, like buying for the first time, downsizing, etc. For your seller clients, these campaigns can include some just-sold properties, testimonials, and your take on market insights for why it's a good time to list.

Our clients have seen incredible results incorporating video into their campaigns, allowing for that coveted "facetime" and helping their potential customers feel connected and engaged with you.

3. A branded consumer app to keep prospects searching and interacting with your brand

People love searching for homes on their phone. You love leads using your site. The power play here is to make sure you have an app that is branded to your business, and keeping your prospects interacting with you.

You don't want leads that could be engaging with your brand searching on Zillow instead. They'll be bombarded with ads for other agents, and disconnected from the opportunity to feel like they've found a trusted advisor and someone with great local expertise.

Of course it should go without saying that your mobile app needs to offer a great search experience and fresh data so that your prospects keep coming back for more!

4. Social media ads that you can create and promote with just a few clicks

When you're building high-performing social media campaigns, they engage and re-engage buyers and sellers (while you're doing other things!). They get them interested in your brand, drive them back to your site, and tee up meaningful conversations and more conversions.

Some agents are incredibly savvy when it comes to the ins and outs of social media, but others don't want to waste their time learning the ropes of digital marketing when they're swamped already. If you're in the latter boat, look for top-performing ad services.

These are the "low-hanging fruit" of marketing right now. You can whip these types of email campaigns, social media ad campaigns, and promotional landing pages up in seconds, and let them fly. And bonus, you'll get the piece of mind knowing standing out from the crowd, and preparing that pipeline for whatever the market may bring.

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