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[Podcast] Real Talk, with Realtors: House Hacking, with Marcus Norman

February 06 2023

revive marcus norman house hackingMarcus Norman is a serial entrepreneur, Navy veteran, and the founder and CEO of Mark's Real Estate Holding Company. He has several businesses he operates and invests in.

In this episode of Real Talk, with Realtors, hear what house hacking is, how to expand to multiple properties, become a stronger investor, invest in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), and how real estate agents can benefit from house hacking. This episode covers everything from house hacking to modern investing. Here's a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • How did Marcus get into house hacking?
  • Is Dalip house hacking?
  • Were there any conflicts among the house guests?
  • Where does Marcus go for crowdfunding?
  • What are the risks with real estate investing?
  • How do you acquire your first house hacking property?
  • What was Marcus's evolution with house hacking?
  • How do you profit with house hacking?

Connect with Marcus at the GentleMan Style Podcast and on social media.

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Visit the episode homepage for show notes and more detail.