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Our Top 10 Most-Read Articles of January

February 01 2023

winter family soldNew year, new you? Judging by our most-read articles of January, starting 2023 off on the right foot was exactly what our readers were thinking about last month.

For instance, scroll down to article #6 to get five free checklists that will help you whip your lead gen efforts into tip-top shape. Next, check out article #9 to learn ways to start the year strong, and then see #7 to see predictions of this year's market trajectory.

If your goal is to better yourself professionally, check out article #3 for the low-down on earning certifications and designations. Finally, see article #2 to get daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that will distinguish you in your marketplace.

For more of what agents and brokers were reading last month, check out our full list below:

1. The Facebook Ad that Home Buyers Can't Resist
A sale, a bargain, a good deal—if there's anything consumers love, it's getting more value for their money. Realtor Jaime Resendiz uses that to his advantage in his advertising. By creating "price drop" ads for listings on Facebook, he attracts a ton of quality buyers. After all, even house hunters are looking for a good deal—especially in this economy.

2. What You Need to Do Daily, Weekly, and Monthly to Be the Go-to Expert in Your Market
From how you spend your time to the big decisions you make, what you do today impacts the experience you'll have tomorrow. The past shapes the future, but you have control over your situation right now. If you're ready to become the best real estate team in your market, start today.

3. A Guide to Real Estate Certifications and Designations: What You Need to Know
Real estate certifications are an important part of the real estate industry. With so many benefits associated with certification, it's no wonder why more and more real estate professionals are seeking out certification programs to boost their career prospects.

4. 7 Adjustments That Will Make You Better on Camera
Video is an increasingly important way to connect with real estate consumers, but how much engagement are you getting? If your answer is "not much," you may need to make a few tweaks to your on-camera presence. Learn seven simple adjustments you can make to improve your on-screen persona—and ensure your videos get the maximum amount of views.

5. 6 Creative (and Useful!) Closing Gift Ideas
Closing gifts are a nice way to thank your clients for their business. But how do you come up with something that will really wow them and, in turn, help you drive referrals and repeat business? We did some research and came up with some excellent closing gift ideas to share with you.

6. Friday Freebie: 5 Checklists to Optimize Your Lead Gen in 2023
We're well into the first month of the year—how's your lead gen plan going? If it needs a little nudge off the starting blocks, or if you just want to audit your processes and tools, nothing makes doing that easier than checklists! Whip your lead gen efforts into quick shape with these five free checklists for optimizing all aspects of your lead generation strategy.

7. What the Housing Market Could Look Like in 2023
The housing market is influenced by a variety of factors, including economic conditions, interest rates, and the availability of homes for sale. While it's always difficult to make predictions, there are a few key trends that experts are watching as we head into the new year. Here's a look at what we might expect to see in the housing market throughout 2023.

8. Top 5 Reasons Why Homes Today Need to Be Move-in Ready
While there will always be circumstances where an "as-is" listing is the best option for a seller, innovative new ways for homeowners to offer a move-in ready home solves the most common seller obstacles. Why is it vital that sellers avoid an "as-is" listing and bring their home to market move-in ready? Here are the top five reasons sellers will want their agents to list a move-in ready home.

9. 5 Ways to Start 2023 Strong
RPR is here to help you elevate every aspect of your business by giving you access to data, reports, tools and inspiration that you can utilize to "wow" clients and close more deals. These five pointers will help you increase your productivity and expertise. Try one or all five to be more prepared and more successful in the coming year.

10. How to Create High-converting Landing Pages
If you could increase your return on investment (ROI) in your real estate business today, what marketing strategy would you use? Our best guess is to use landing pages. A landing page has a high chance of converting visitors into leads or potential clients. It gets even better when your website attracts massive traffic. Here are a few tips on creating a high-converting landing page for your real estate website.