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Is It Time to Contact Tech Support? Answer These 3 Questions

January 19 2023

techhelp time to contact tech supportWhen you have easy access to Tech Helpline as a standard benefit, you might not realize how fast this resource can be in helping you solve your tech problems.

Did you know that research shows the average customer support resolution time is 82 hours? That is nearly three-and-a-half days! Companies in the Top 5 percent of customer support resolution average a turnaround time of 17 hours.

Using Tech Helpline, you almost always get a resolution within minutes for your tech support issue when you connect with a Tech Helpline analyst through a direct call or a chat.

Still, real estate agents sometimes attempt to go it alone and attempt to resolve their tech issues solo. For tech-savvy agents who can quickly come to a resolution, that's great.

But if you're not technically inclined, what appears to be a minor fix could become a huge time commitment.

Here are three questions to answer to determine if you need to contact Tech Helpline:

Have you encountered this tech problem before?

It's common for agents to have a reoccurring tech glitch. For example, perhaps your phone or computer freezes when you use a particular app or software program. Or you struggle connecting to Wi-Fi when you are outside your office.

If your solution is to restart your device and discover it fixes your problem, that's great because at least you can get back to work. But you haven't solved the root of the issue.

When a tech issue repeats itself, it's probably time to involve experienced techs. Make sure you document what happens: how you encounter the problem and what you have done in the past to resolve it. Share this information with a Tech Helpline analyst, which could accelerate finding a more permanent solution.

Are you hesitating to reach out because of past poor tech support experiences from other providers?

Believe it or not, this may be the number one reason real estate agents who have access to Tech Helpline have never used its services. A bad experience with tech support can make one feel like they are headed for a root canal by a Dentist who doesn't believe in Novocaine.

If you are reluctant to call tech support because you fear being treated poorly, then the best thing to do is to reach out to Tech Helpline.

Why? Friendliness is in Tech Helpline's DNA. Every Tech Helpline analyst has deep experience solving daily problems for real estate agents like you. They acutely understand the hectic nature of an agent's schedule and the need to help you fix things as soon as possible so you can get on with your day and help your clients.

Most importantly, Tech Helpline analysts are among the friendliest people you will meet over the phone or online. They will not make you feel unknowledgeable or insignificant but will empathize with what you are trying to accomplish. That's their top job and why Tech Helpline has earned its moniker, "The Genius Bar for Real Estate." Resolving your tech problems in a kind and caring way is what they do every day.

Will you spend more than 5 minutes troubleshooting this yourself?

The adage "time is money" is a fact, especially for real estate professionals. You need to be helping your clients and meeting new ones, not sitting in front of a screen trying to get things to work.

Whenever you encounter a tech glitch, ask yourself, "How much time am I willing to spend trying to resolve this?" If the answer is more than a few minutes, you need to immediately click or call and connect to a Tech Helpline analyst.

It's common to start with the do-it-yourself approach to solving a tech problem. After all, solving problems is what real estate agents are good at, as they do it every day. But we can quickly find ourselves going down a rabbit hole when trying to fix a tech problem.

If you can assess upfront how much of your time is worth spending on finding a resolution, set a timer. If your timer goes off before you have things working again, give Tech Helpline a shout.

Remember that the experts at Tech Helpline cumulatively have more than 300+ years of technical service and support experience. In addition, they work with real estate agents like you daily, so they appreciate and understand what you do for a living. Support is available in English and Spanish, and all Tech Helpline analysts are US-based, headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

So, when in doubt, reach out to Tech Helpline!

On the go? Take Tech Helpline with you! Download the mobile app today.

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