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My Advice to Beginning Real Estate Bloggers

February 20 2012

Without fail, every time I teach or speak, someone asks for my advice on starting a blogstarting a blog. Often times more than one person is interested in my take on the subject. My answer evolves about once a quarter, and most experienced bloggers disagree with my opinion.

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Many agents leave meetings, conferences or one on one’s excited about blogging. However, when they start to explore the world of blogging, they get overwhelmed. There are so many options and choices to make:

  • Where should you host your site?
  • If you’re self-hosting, which service should you go with?
  • Which theme/template is the best? There are a million free options and thousands of premium ones.
  • Should I hire someone to design it?

And that is just a short list of the many I get asked. The problem is these are all the wrong questions to be asking. Free or premium? Hosted or self-hosted? This theme or that one?

These are distractions from the two questions you really need to be asking:

  1. Can I create regularly scheduled, high quality contenthigh quality content?
  2. Will my content target a niche well enough to attract a loyal following?

The truth is most real estate agents that start blogging quit within the first few months. Take some time to read that sentence again. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

The sheer number of decisions can be overwhelming. Here is what I recommend to all the first time real estate bloggers I talk to and coach:

  • Setup. Set up a blog over at
  • Upgrade. Once you have your account set up, upgrade to the premium version. It’s like $17 a year. This will give you the ability to have your own unique domain name. (e.g. vs.
  • Themes. has over 100 hundred attractive themesover 100 hundred attractive themes to choose from. You can upload your own logo and do a bit of customization too.
  • Content Creation. Start producing content. Whether that’s videos, audio podcasts or just a written blogwritten blog. Just do it!

Once you get a real sense of what it’s going to take to be a lean mean content creation machine, that’s when you move onto the next level. Don’t let the analysis by paralysis inhibit you like it does so many other real estate professionals.

Focus on creating great compelling content, and let everyone else worry about all that other stuff.

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