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3 Features EVERY Real Estate Pro Needs on Their Website – Part Two

February 19 2012

Last week, we published part one of this excellent post by Christopher Leo of Leading Agent. The article deals with the 3 features EVERY agent should have on their website. Part one covered the first feature: interactivity. Today, Christopher will share the second and third features with us.

2) Get Hyper-Local
Another common problem we see with REALTORS'® websites is that they are not tailored to their specific marketplace. If your website is deemed by potential clients as "not pertinent to their marketplace," they are going to immediately leave your site and move on to another one that suits their needs. You do not want this.

One easy way to avoid this problem is with the use of Neighborhood Guides. Neighborhood guides can be a fantastic way to demonstrate your marketplace knowledge, and keep people on your website, investigating areas they may be interested in moving to. Even more, you can make them interactive. Many of the sites we design for agents include things like interactive neighborhood maps that are tied to MLS maps with listings, school maps, walk score maps, etc. All these features will make your site hyper local, making any visitor stop to review your site and hopefully contact you for your services.

An added bonus to neighborhood guides is the fact that they make your website "sticky." Search engines love content. Content specific pages (e.g. pages devoted to specific neighborhoods throughout the cities you serve), get crawled and indexed by search engines, such as Google, making your site appear in the top rankings.

3) Don't Abandon Your Website
Perhaps the biggest mistake we find in REALTORS'® websites is the fact that they create it, leave it online and simply forget about it. If a prospect knows that nothing on your site is ever updated and there will never be any new information for them, they will not visit your site more than once or twice.

Even worse, if a search engine, like Google crawls your site, and then the next time they do so, find that there is no new content, they are going to extend the amount of time, before they crawl it again. This hurts your page ranking and the possibility of you showing up in a Web search.

Things like blogs, news feeds related to the market(s) you serve, and enhanced featured listing pages (served on your website, NOT the virtual tour company's site, that feature photos, video and listing info), will keep people coming back to your site often, increasing the possibility of you capturing that person as a client.

These are just three, attainable things you can do to improve your website. Sound interesting? Need help implementing these things? Did you like these three tips and want to learn more? Contact Leading AgentContact Leading Agent.