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Blogging for Real Estate Professionals: Give More Value, Get More Business

January 10 2023

blog rss houseWhen it comes to writing or starting your own blog, you might be tempted to jump into your blog topics with great fervor. But there are a few things to consider before you jump right in, such as what types of topics exist, where they're beneficial, and how they can convert into more business.

Evergreen Blog Post Ideas: Rank with Staple Posts

Evergreen blog ideas refer to ideas that never really go out of style. They are often considered best practices that don't change, such as the overall process of buying and selling a home or commercial real estate.

These blog post topic ideas ensure you're always going to have information that benefits your clients and prospective clients. Evergreen content ideas also help build site SEO (search engine optimization), especially when the posts are keyword-centric.

Educational Blog Post Ideas: Keep Your Readership Knowledgeable

Educational blogs are excellent for providing free and valuable information to anyone searching for a helping hand. These posts typically center around best practices, niches that exist within verticals inside the real estate industry — such as mortgage or PMI — and anything else previous clients may have had a hard time digesting.

By providing this free information, you're also seen as a more favored stop in Google's search engine results page (SERP). Google and other search engines reward a great blog post idea that's simply beneficial with more ranking visibility, which eventually converts into more leads for you.

Timely Blog Posts: Ideas, Trends and Pain Points Can Be Used

As with most industries, there are facets within real estate that change frequently. Being the expert, your clients and prospects look to you for guidance and advice on those changes.

Take industry news — be it widely known news stories or small updates in legislature or processes — and create a blog article with it. Find the pain points of the story — such as inflated interest rates — and provide a solution for your audience. Break it down further by explaining what that means for them and how they can adjust to the change.

Providing timely posts that follow the flow of current events also helps keep you relevant in the space, meaning more prospects are likely to find and trust the information you provide them.

Inspirational Blog Post Ideas: Help Bring the Stress Down

Purchasing, selling, renting or any aspect of homeownership is stressful. Posting about your experience with other clients (with their permission) regarding ways you were able to help them cope and how others can reduce their stresses is a great way to display your connection with the process and your clients. You could even use a few of their personal stories.

Another great way to promote yourself and ease some prospects' stress is to post positive articles and reviews, showcasing how you've treated other clients while delivering exceptional service. These can be used as blog posts or snippets on your site. However, utilizing them as a blog post can help you generate more ideas based on what's within the review.

Regardless of your blogging style, remember to keep your posts consistent. For example, timely blog post ideas need to go out as soon as possible. Promotional blog post ideas should be published with enough time for the audience to get information about the promotion and participate.

And remember, always push out at least one to two posts per week to keep your sight active and current. Google rewards the dedicated.

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