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TikTok Trends for Real Estate Agents

November 17 2022

rna tiktok trendsDo you want to get in line with Gen Z and promote your real estate business through a more immersive and intuitive strategy? Use TikTok! Technology is not only changing, but it is doing so fast. Since its rise to popularity, TikTok has quickly risen to the level of Instagram and other social media platforms. And according to, users spend an average of 52 minutes every day on the app compared to Instagram's 28 minutes daily.

This means that following TikTok trends and incorporating them into your real estate marketing strategies will give your business an edge and much-needed exposure.

Trends on TikTok for Real Estate Agents

Before making content for your real estate business on TikTok, you must create a Tiktok account. A lot of boomers might find it a little challenging to try out TikTok, but that shouldn't be the case because just about any content regarding your business will go a long way. This is mainly because the platform already suggests every user's content to other users whether they follow each other or not, creating a high chance for your videos to reach a huge audience really quickly. Here are some TikTok trends real estate agents can pick up to market their businesses on the platform.

Property Tours

Many TikTok users find home tour videos very fascinating, especially of luxury properties. And many of these users are not only fascinated, but are already looking for properties to buy. So a short tour video will come in handy. We recommend that real estate agents make sure to use every free marketing service available out there at their disposal to showcase their business and services. All you need is a smartphone to get your business kicking with the latest home tour videos.

Snippets of Your Real Estate Business

Your real estate clients have no idea about the million and one details that go into running your business. Get imaginative and show them minor habits or facts about your job and workspace. Consider creating a video on any of the following topics:

  • Celebrating a client's new home
  • Workday routine
  • Random conversations you have at open house events and more.

Real Estate Tips and Tricks

TikTok is home to a vibrant community of real estate professionals, investors, and enthusiasts who are happy to share their knowledge. As a real estate professional on the platform, you can attain your marketing goals by sharing real estate investment tips, videos on property listing tips, as well as tips on when to buy a property. This will help you amass loyal followers through insightful real estate tips.

Make Videos that Answer Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the ideal song lyrics to address a frequently asked real estate question. Make a video of yourself answering the FAQs, add suitable hashtags and upload it to TikTok. Additionally, you can ask your followers questions which they can answer in your comments section. All in all, this will go a long way to establishing your position as an authority in the field, making you a go-to source of information for your followers.


The marketing potential of TikTok is quite extensive. By following some of the trends on the platform, you can pull traffic of potential clients to your real estate site, improving your market scale and productivity.

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