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What Should Be in a Realtor's Email Signature?

October 24 2022

zurple what should be in email signatureHave you ever looked at another professional's email signature and cringed? It seems like there are two extremes out there: those who include their entire resume/portfolio in their signature or those with the bare minimum.

Strong real estate signatures should be attention grabbing, while remaining professional. Also, leads should be able to easily access your website and contact information. Know which elements to include and how to format them with this short list of do's and don'ts.

Here's what should (and shouldn't) be in a Realtor's email signature:


  • JavaScript - Most email programs block emails with JavaScript through anti-virus measures. Clear your HTML code of JavaScript.

  • Animated GIFs - GIFs are image files compressed to display movement. Some images and GIFs are not compatible with certain email programs. Your lead may receive a bunch of code instead of your intended image, decreasing your credibility.

  • Cheesy Quotes - This one is more geared towards personal preference, but my own is that inspirational quotes are cheesy.

  • Unnecessary Disclaimers - Try to avoid unnecessary disclaimers. However, local, state and brokerage rules and regulations may require you to insert your license number, address, or other physical address.

  • Physical Office Address - This depends on the operational aspects of your brokerage. If you receive many walk-ins or your broker's address is difficult to find from the Google search results page, consider including your office address.


  • Name

  • Job Title

  • Phone Number

  • Designation and DRE/License Number (i.e., Realtor, broker / CABRE XSSSS)

  • Email - It may seem counterintuitive to include an email address, since you can simply hit reply. However not all email providers show the email address on forwards. There maybe times that a lead or client forwards your email to another lead, but that lead does not have your address in the forwarded section.

  • Brokerage Name - Always include your brokerage's name, as it may carry more weight than you think.

  • Call-to-Action - Do you need more reviews on or Zillow? More blog views or likes on Facebook and Instagram? Your email signature is your opportunity to direct leads' attention to your preferred links.

  • Your Profile Picture (in appropriate sizes) - Humans are visual creatures, making pictures more powerful than words. Your personal picture will leave an impression much faster on leads than any words will. Include a profile picture if your email provider allows you to. Gmail and Outlook have this feature.

  • Your Logo and Brand Slogan - Have you ever received an email from another professional with an entertaining slogan? Make your lead smile with a witty slogan, but make sure it aligns with the slogan on your website.

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