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#GrowthHack: The Types of Accounts You MUST Follow for Success on Instagram

October 13 2022

There are plenty of real estate influencers you can follow on Instagram—but we're not talking about specific accounts today.

Instead, we're talking about the TYPE of accounts you should follow in order to game the algorithm, forge connections, and make your posts, Stories, and Reels more visible to your followers.

In the video above, the Broke Agent explains why you should follow these types of accounts to maximize your Instagram success:

  • Content you want to see in your stream
  • Accounts to follow for the algorithm
  • Accounts of people you do business with
  • Other local agents
  • Accounts to follow for referrals
  • Accounts for inspiration and motivation

Try following these account types to make your "Following" list work in your favor.

(P.S. Okay, we'll give you one specific account to follow—strictly for the eye candy and aesthetic motivation: @midmodsacramento. Its narrow focus on one, particular architectural style in its market is *chef's kiss*)