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Is That Your Headshot?

September 27 2022

propy is that your headshotWeb3 is interesting from many perspectives. This week, Propy, the Web3 real estate pioneer, is selling avatars to agents called MetaAgents X Shredders. In a world where real estate agent branding is wrapped around their headshot (often an old photo from years ago), I am not sure if the avatar is an improvement or if it is absurdly bleeding edge.

I think that this effort is intended to reward the agents who are culture carriers for Propy. Agents who are raving fans of Web3 and Propy will likely snap these up to collect a piece of history. Propy is requiring that purchases use their currency – called Pro-Propy tokens. So if you want to collect one of these avatars, you will need to grab at least 500Pro first. Propy's price today is $0.6062.

The drop is random – so you do not know what avatar you will get when you buy. But the good news is that you will get a ticket to the upcoming convention. This is the real value – the utility of the NFT. The NFT unlocks opportunities in the Propy community.

Full press release follows:

Shredding Convention: Propy Unveils "MetaAgent X Shredders" NFTs

Exclusive NFT Avatars for Real Estate and Metaverse Fans

Miami, FL (September, 2022) -- Propy, the Web3 real estate pioneer, is launching the first NFT (Non-fungible token) Avatars designed specifically for Real Estate and Metaverse fans. The limited-edition "MetaAgents X Shredders" NFTs were created by noted artist Dan Weinstein. The project's advisors include real estate influencers and industry forward-thinkers Tom Ferry, Tony Giordano, Alvaro Nunes, Tony Edward, ThinkingCrypto, Zach Aaron, MetaProp, among others.

"It's an endless open sea of creative NFT ideas out there and as usual, this is where Propy continues to stand out. If you love crypto and real estate then these NFT Avatars are right for you. With Real Estate becoming more crypto-friendly, adding one of these "MetaAgents X Shredders" to your collection or used as your social media profile, will signal to the world and your tech-savvy peers that you are a visionary in a new digital world of real estate," said Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of Propy.

Over 6,000 joined the waiting list in anticipation of the "MetaAgents X Shredders" drop on September 27, 2022 at 10:00am pacific time on and can only be minted with PRO - Propy tokens. First come first serve and sold by lottery auction. Starting price 500PRO.

"These characters are THE RESISTANCE – shredding through the Metaverse, re-inventing the new future. The meta world created by the agents of change – fair, honest and empowering," said artist and designer, Dan Weinstein.

The Propy NFT Avatars come with unique utilities like access to the Meta Agent educational course, owners become members of DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and receive a ticket to the Web3 & Real Estate Summit coming up on October 27th in Miami. The Meta Agent certification and the Summit will help real estate fans navigate metaverses and Web3 proptech and apply the learnings to their daily business.

"Many agents and real estate investors are interested in crypto and NFTs. As more home buyers utilize crypto earnings to purchase property, displaying an avatar immediately identifies these agents as someone who understands how cryptocurrency and NFTs work," said Tom Ferry, #1 US Real Estate coach.

More about the NFT Avatars can be found here:

About Propy

Propy, founded in Silicon Valley, is on a mission to revolutionize real estate. The company's smart contract innovation removes inefficiencies, streamlines everything from offer to closing to recording title, records everything securely on blockchain, and enables buyers and sellers to use traditional financing, dollar or cryptocurrency payments, or NFT-ed property sales. The company has processed $4bn in transactions and recorded them on blockchain. Learn more at