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How Do You Make a Real Estate Video Go Viral?

September 12 2022

zurple make video go viralAs the average internet user becomes more and more visual, real estate video marketing is one of the best ways to appeal to the subjective factors that accompany just about every transaction. To ensure your strategy is on point, we're going to provide some useful tips on how to make a viral real estate video that can attract more buyers to your business.

What Makes a Real Estate Video go Viral?

For real estate videos to go viral, they need to be:

  • Funny: The main way to get a video to go viral is to make it entertaining. The difficult part, though, is figuring out what would make your target demographic laugh. So, make sure you know your audience well and deliver something you're sure will be well-received.

  • Creative: The best way to tell if you did something well is when others see it and say, "Ah, I wish I thought of that!" Creativity is respected in just every industry, but especially in real estate.

  • Short: If you look through some of the most viral videos on YouTube, you'll notice that the vast majority of them are less than five minutes long. Viral videos spread quickly mainly because they're easy to digest and can be viewed multiple times without losing their staying power.

Tips to Help Your Real Estate Video Go Viral

As a real estate agent, you're constantly on the move. And unless you're fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, then you're going to need to invest plenty of energy into creating a truly viral real estate video. Here are some top tips to help you get there:

  • Upload your video to a social platform like YouTube or Vimeo so your viewers can easily share it with others.
  • Create a descriptive title that's easy for your audience to commit to memory.
  • Refrain from being overly promotional and limit your company branding to just subtle references.
  • Optimize your video for increased organic search value to drive even more traffic to it.
  • Use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to get your video in front of more eyes.

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