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Friday Freebie: Scripts for Handling Objections

August 11 2022

"Your commission is too high."
"The timing's not right."
"I can sell my home myself."

If you've been a real estate agent for any length of time, it's likely you've encountered these objections before. But what you do after being rebuffed determines whether that person converts into a client or languishes in your database as a cold lead.

This week's Friday Freebie aims to take the guesswork out of that conversation. That's right, we're highlighting a free guide full of scripts for handling common real estate objections. Read on to claim your copy.

Free copy of Objection Handling Scripts, courtesy of Market Leader

frifree ml objection scriptsAfter surveying agents about their most common objections, Market Leader teamed up with industry experts to create scripts and strategies to overcome those objections.

What they found in their research is that there are four common types of real estate objections. This guide breaks down each of the four types, and offers specific specific scenarios and responses for countering those objections:

  • Time - Often early stage buyers who are not ready to commit to an agent or purchase yet. Common objections include "I'm just looking," "I'm waiting for a market shift," and more.
  • Pricing and Commission - These are the leads who think your commission is too high or that you're pricing their home too low. Common objections include "I can save money by going FSBO," "We can always lower the price later," and more.
  • You vs. the Competition - These objectors don't want to commit to you, and bring up other agents. Common objections include "My friend/family member is an agent," "Other agents offer lower commission" and more.
  • Knowledge or Process - The average consumer doesn't buy or sell a home often, so there may be gaps in their real estate knowledge. Common objections include "I don't remember registering for your website," "The listing I like just sold," and more.

Overcome obstacles like a pro! Download Objection Handling Scripts to turn your conversations into conversions.