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Finding Your Niche in Real Estate

August 09 2022

ixact finding your nicheMembers of niche markets tend to be passionate about their specific interests, values, and hobbies. As a result, they're more likely to talk about those interests -- and your brand -- with people they know, resulting in social network shares, conversations, and other word of mouth "advertising" that makes your brand seen and heard.

Become an Expert

But what is your niche market and how do you establish your reputation as an expert? Start by thinking about what you are interested in. What do you have expert knowledge in that sets you apart from other agents?

This could be anything from first-time home buyers, luxury homes, or location specialized properties like golf courses or beach front properties. Promoting your niche on your website as well as in your farming or email campaigns will show you have knowledge in the specifics needed for that area of expertise.

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Find and Promote Your Niche

You can also take a look in your area to see what a needed niche may be. For example, focusing on new construction properties in an area already saturated with luxury agent specialists.

You'll also want to promote your niche where you can. Using your website or social media specifically are great and easy ways to get the word out that you are the best agent to represent that market.

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