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Why Do I Need Mobile Website Configuration?

February 06 2012

showcase mobileMobile devices are fast becoming the number one tool to search the web. In the United States one in four adults uses  a Smart mobile device and it is expected that sales of Smart Phones will increase drastically this year. If you are marketing real estate, mobile marketing is a must. Once it used to be important to have a website……now it is just as important to have a website configured for mobile.


Bigger Is Not Always Better with Mobile

Regular websites are designed for laptop or desk top computers that have screens that are fourteen inches big or bigger. Open up a regular website on a Smart Phone such as an iPhone or an Android and it looks as if you are viewing it from an altitude of 30,000 feet. Your fingers are suddenly fatter than almost anything on the screen. You can’t read the text or hit the links. Remember Smart Phone screens are only three or four inches big.

Your Behavior Is Different Using Mobile

You are not sitting at a desk, idly browsing your computer. You are mobile and you want something that is:

  • Easy to use on a small screen and delivers information that you need.
  • Important, you don’t want the fluff, you want the who, what, when, where and how!
  • Mobile friendly, websites shouldn’t just look different, they should be different.


Adhere to Mobile Rules

Our guide TWO BIG RULES for Smart phone friendly Mobile website explains more about what makes an effective mobile site. Observing the way Smart Phone users work with websites, we have learned that in great mobile websites:

  • Important information must appear first. People use mobile devices when they are on the go.
  • They need information, not marketing fluff.
  • No Flash banners They just don’t work.
  • Split it up. Nobody is going to browse it all, so make navigation easy to use.
  • Use QR Codes. Don’t make users type in URL addresses.

Have a Call to Action! You want to entice visitors to provide their contact information. It’s the POB (Point of Beginning) with engagement. Once you have their contact information, it’s  important to have an effective, well written drip email campaign to keep top of mind awareness. (TOMA).

It’s Your Brand …. Make it visible on Mobile

You want to be sure your mobile configuration is branded in line with your regular website, Facebook business page, YouTube channel, as well as your collateral material. A familiar look, color scheme, logo and domain name are important features. In the graphic you can see that the agent’s logo and image are easily viewed.

QR Codes Pointing to Single Property Sites

Marketing property with a QR Code is one of the most effective ways of providing property information. The QR Code is scanned from a sign rider, which then loads the individual site for that particular property. The page can include all the property details, photos and visual tour. It can also have a button to search more properties, but of course, after they provide their contact information.

To Sum Up

More and more consumers are using Smart Phone mobile devices to surf the web for property information. As a matter of fact, more consumers are surfing the web on Smart Phones than they are on desk top computers. The writing is on the wall, it’s time to go mobile . . . request our TWO BIG RULES for Smart phone friendly Mobile website and learn more about configuring your site for Smart phone mobile devises.

Thank you Robert Wieseneck and Phil Ayers for your assist!

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