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Should You Friend Your Clients On Facebook?

February 03 2012

One of the top questions I get asked on a weekly basis during my coaching and training sessions is, should I friend my clients on Facebook?should I friend my clients on Facebook? The answer is usually not one that the real estate agent wants to hear though.


The answer in my book isn’t all the difficult, yes. Yes, you should friend your clients on Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, only if you’re not doing social wrong.

Real Estate Isn’t Sexy
OK, sure sometimes real estate can be sexyreal estate can be sexy, but overall it isn’t that interesting a topic to talk about. So, the first thing you need to ask yourself is,

Do I talk too much about work on Facebook?

That question applies to LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social site that hits it big next.

If you’re predominately talking real estate on Facebook don’t friend you clients… or your family or friends or me. We don’t want to hear about your newest listing every 5 minutes!

Add Some Flavor

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Spice up your social engagement.

If you’re not that guy – or girl – spamming about the industry, then you should probably be interacting with your clients within social spaces.

Remember though, not every client wants that type of relationship. So, look for signs throughout the transaction that would show which side of the fence they’re sitting on.

So, what is there to talk about if not real estate? Anything! Talk about your hobbies, favorite sports teams, check-in at a local restaurant and then review it.

Add some flavor to your social networking engagement.

Don’t forget to add social icons to your email marketing newsletters, websites and email signatures. Make sure to only include sites you actually take part in, and that the icon is a direct link to that site.

If you’re a firm believer that real estate is still a relationship business, why wouldn’t you seek out relationships on places like Facebook?

So, do you friend your clients?

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