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Friday Freebie: Scripts and Tips for Voicemails that Get Results

June 16 2022

Does this sound familiar? A new lead comes in, and you do just what all the real estate coaches and experts say to do: you give them a call.

But the phone rings, and rings, and rings…until you're sent to voicemail. While this is not an uncommon occurrence (after all, not many people answer unknown numbers these days), it is a frustrating one. But just because you can't talk to your new lead live, you can leave them an awesome voicemail that will encourage them to respond.

How? In this week's Friday Freebie, we're highlighting a guide full of voicemail scripts and detailed advice for leaving messages that will entice leads to call you back. Read on to claim your free copy!

Free download of The 2022 Voicemail Guide, courtesy of Zurple

frifree zurple 2022 voicemail guideThe first time you contact a new lead not only sets the tone for the rest of your business relationship, it can determine whether that relationship even begins in the first place. So even when that first point of contact is just you and their voicemail, you can still make a killer first impression.

The 2022 Voicemail Guide from Zurple breaks down how to craft a friendly voicemail message that encourages leads to call you back. Download your free copy today to get:

  • An overview of the structure of a good voicemail
  • Best practices for before, during, and after leaving a voicemail
  • Tips for increasing callbacks and improving your voicemail skills
  • 7 voicemail scripts for various lead sources and scenarios

Pro Tip: Rehearse your scripts over and over until you've internalized them. This will make your voicemails flow and sound more natural!

Ready to get more calls returned from your leads? Download The 2022 Voicemail Guide now!