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Pet Peeves from a Real Estate Lead's Perspective

May 02 2022

zurple pet peeves leads perspectiveThere are plenty of things that buyers and sellers do that can easily be annoying for real estate agents. But did you ever stop and think about what buyers and sellers might find annoying about YOU? There are a few things that real estate agents do that leave a foul taste in their clients' mouths -- and that you may want to avoid.

Here are three common real estate lead pet peeves:

1. Bad or No Pictures on the Listings

For most homebuyers, when they are starting their home search, they do so on the internet. A listing on a real estate website is often the first impression a buyer will have of the property. If the very first photo they see is a screenshot of Google Street View or a poorly lit cell phone photo, that will be the ONLY impression. Instead, make sure to hire a professional when it comes to taking photos of your seller's home.

2. Slow Response Time

It really irks real estate leads if you take too long to respond to their messages. Be sure to always check your messages—this includes email, text messages, and social media notifications. While it is true that checking your messages every 10 minutes is bad for time management, you can overcome this obstacle by setting clear guidelines with clients and leads when you will be responding to their inquiry.

3. Not Just Picking Up the Phone

Not every lead will answer the phone, but there is a population of leads that will. And for those leads, you don't want to get into a heavy conversation over text or email. There are certain subtelties that written words can't convey that the human voice can. So during those times of back-and-forth, just pick up the phone.

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