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3 Steps for Creating Killer Marketing Content

January 31 2012

I love HubSpot. Their guides to inbound marketing can’t be beat. The latest I discovered in my inbox was their “Practical Guide to Marketing Content.” I’ve summarized and condensed a few of the key points from the eBook. If you want to download the full eBook, click here.

How Does This Apply to Real Estate Agents?
Many real estate agents use their blog, their website, and their social media channels to distribute content. By “content” we mean any visual (video, the written word, audio, etc.) you’re sharing with the people who visit you online. This can be considered marketing, even if you aren’t talking about yourself or your properties. Wise content marketers can “edutize,” educating the audience and thereby gaining their business in the long run.

So how do you produce effective marketing content for your blog, website, or social media? Here are a few tips.

1) Know Your Audience
Who is your ideal customer? We’ve been over this before – the key is to be specific. We understand that, in today’s challenging real estate market, it’s difficult enough to gain new customers. But, it’ll help your content if you can narrow it down. For example, do you specialize in selling distressed properties? Do you focus on high-end investment properties for international investors?

If you have several groups you focus on, keep those several “personas” in mind as you create content. You’ll need to be speaking to each.

2) Examine Your Existing Content
Take a good, long look at the content you’ve already created. Consider:

  • Topics. Do you just talk about local issues? Do you just post information about your listings? Branch out and think about the topics your target audience(s) will be interested in. If you’re not talking about those topics, it’s time to get crackin’.
  • Types of content. Are you just publishing articles/blogs? Maybe it’s time to consider video, a podcast, a photo slideshow, or an infographic.
  • If you have several target audiences, are you speaking to each of them equally? Make sure they all feel the love.
  • How often do you post? You need to be consistent and frequent.

3) Create an Editorial Calendar
By creating an editorial calendar, you’re taking a step to “keep yourself honest.” It’s one way to be sure you follow-up on all those bright ideas you established through steps one and two above. In it, you will set out which topics to cover, what kind of content to create, and when you’ll be doing it all. The HubSpot eBook explains it as “a roadmap for content creation.”

The way I maintain my editorial calendar is super simple. I created an Excel spreadsheet with the categories I need to fill for each day. I try to plan ahead as far as possible in advance. Now, you don’t have to use Excel. You could use Google Calendar or another, similar tool.

Generating Ideas
One of the hardest parts of creating content is generating ideas. You may want to consider some of the following to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Follow industry news.

2) Listen-up on social media.

3) Ask your teammates to contribute.

4) Create a list of topics you want to cover and styles you want to explore.

5) Repurpose content (don’t just republish).

The HubSpot guide comprises 38 pages – so you can imagine their information is a bit more in-depth. To download the eBook, click hereclick here.

Content Sources
If you’re looking for someone else to produce content, you may one to consider one of the following:


Have you used either of these sources? Do you have another service to recommend?