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How to Be Friendly, Yet Professional in Online Chats (Part 2)

April 26 2022

rna friendly professional chats pt 2In a previous article, we talked about the first four keys to making clients satisfied in online chats. In this article, get eight more tips to make your leads and clients feel happy in online chats.

Check for Grammar and Spelling

When talking to clients, you have to make sure that your sentences are grammatically correct and official. Do not use abbreviations such as ASAP, BRB, FYI, BFN, TY. A professional Realtor will always write the full words and avoid grammatical errors. Being too friendly and using slang will make clients feel like you are not very professional or, worse, they will not take you seriously. Although it might seem like hard work for new Realtors, there are several apps that will help you write content, such as Grammarly.

Be Responsive

If you are not a native speaker, communicating with clients can be stressful work for you, especially initially. Don't be afraid to send your messages right away. Proofreading your message can be a bit tiring and will keep your potential clients on wait, and they might lose interest in you just for delaying with your response. You might have grammatical mistakes or minor errors once in a while, but don't worry. You are a human being, not a robot, and your clients will understand a minor typo. However, avoid making them often.

Save the Humor for Later

Making jokes is a risky option, especially if you're unfamiliar with your clients' sense of humor. But being friendly is a must. Clients should trust you, but pay attention not to cross any lines and always remember that this is a business chat. Act in a way that satisfies everyone.

Wrap up Conversations with a Positive Note

At the end of the conversation, you should always make sure that you have answered all questions and solved the problem so that the client is truly satisfied with you and your services. Then you can end your conversation with a friendly tone. The end of the conversation is as important as the start. Your potential client should feel comfortable messaging again. At the end of the chat, ask if there is anything else they would like to know or ask. Never leave the client hanging at the end—make sure they know that the chat has come to an end.

Use Active Voice

Using the active voice is important. Using the passive voice all the time might sometimes make the message unclear and your client may get the impression that you are not that professional in what you do. Here are the benefits of using the active voice:

  • Active voice is not confusing
  • It's simple and direct
  • It emphasizes and adds clarity to the sentence

It's not always possible to have a conversation in the active voice only. Of course, you will have sentences in passive voice in your daily chats, but just make sure not to let it be frequent to avoid an awkward conversation.

Give Fast Replies

Never leave a chat unanswered. When a lead's message is left unanswered, they lose interest in your services and will straight up go to the next agent. Sometimes, they even text several agents and will go for the ones that reply fastest. So always be ready to accept the chats as they come.

Ask for Feedback

At the end of the conversation, especially if the client has reported an issue, ask for feedback. Problems occur in every real estate company. Asking clients for feedback will help you work with more efficiency. Every but of feedback will let you know what to do to be a better Realtor. The more you meet or exceed clients' standards, the more you will gain potential new clients.

Avoid Misunderstanding

If a client does not entirely explain their issue or explains in a way that might lead to misunderstandings, ask for further explanation. If it's not possible via online chat, you should give them a call to properly understand the issue. Misunderstandings can lead to bigger problems. Ask as many questions as needed to ensure that you understand what the client is asking.

Final Word

Knowing how to chat with clients and how to keep them happy with you and your services is crucial. The bottom line is that with successful communication techniques, you can keep both you and your clients satisfied and happy. Your clients are your key to your success. Make sure you show them the care they need.

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