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The Dos and Don'ts of Email

June 16 2010

dos and donts emailGreetings to you all! This month, I would like to focus on email. Although social networking has become the primary way to communicate, email is still the official mode of business. Client Management  is not currently a feature in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
Reviewing accurate client history, timelines and objectives takes consistent dedication, but should not be viewed as a chore. Realtors use web-based email, downloaded programs and smartphones to communicate by email and send attachments.
Communicating with clients is not an issue for Realtors. The issue is what to do with all the documentation in your inbox. How do you store all your data effectively?

Today's article covers the different types of email and the benefits of them.
Joanie has written a very thought provoking article that I think is right on time about the importance of reading. Check it out.

Types of email addresses

  • Examples of free email addresses are web-based with Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.
  • Internet service provider accounts such as Comcast and Southwestern Bell provide paid email accounts.
  • Domain hosts such as Godaddy, Network Solutions and provide domain-based email accounts.Types of EmailAll of these email accounts provide web based access to your account - that is, you can open an internet browser, go to their website and access your email.

All of these email accounts provide web based access to your account - that is, you can open an internet browser, go to their website and access your email.

All also provide POP3 email settings where you can add the incoming and outgoing server to programs such as Microsoft Outlook.
Duplicated Email Data Wastes Time

The main thing to remember about managing your email and contacts don't want duplicates of data. This is why so many Realtors us web-based email. There are, however, problems with using web based email:

  • Inbox becomes unmanageable
  • File Folders become unmageable
  • Account becomes very full of emails and contacts
  • Data is printed and stored in file folders

Making Email and Contact Management Easy

Setting up an email clients such as Microsoft Outlook allows you to have emails on your hard drive with total control as so where they are stored outside of the program.

  • Using POP3 email requires the setup of the server information that will pull your email into Microsoft Outlook for example and send them out using the appropriate settings.
  • You can also set up a fee-based service called Microsoft Exchange: emails are domain based and consistently sync with your computer and the server where it is set up. You can use more than one computer, laptop and smartphone to send and recieve email consistent update and no duplication of emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. If you are worried about loosing your data, this system solves that issue.




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