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LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

April 27 2022

wa linkedin for agentsSocial media is a valuable tool for real estate professionals. However, if you aren't on LinkedIn, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Being on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram can be beneficial, but does present challenges unique to those platforms, such as your business profile competing with cat videos and selfies. LinkedIn eliminates these distractions, so you no longer have to fight to make your post relevant or find your audience because, on LinkedIn, they are looking for you specifically.

Half of US adults with college degrees use LinkedIn, and 45% of internet users that make more than $75,000 annually use the platform. You don't have to combat crowds of uninterested bystanders because LinkedIn is a platform created for professionals, so you should be taking full advantage of all it has to offer.

According to Hubspot, LinkedIn produces 277% more leads than Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn also has a visitor to lead conversion rate of 2.74%, which may not sound like much, but when you compare it to the .77% rate of Facebook and only .69% rate of Twitter, it is clear how valuable LinkedIn is.

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is generating traffic and leads, but LinkedIn has made a name for itself in this category. LinkedIn accounts for 50% of website traffic coming from social media platforms, making it more valuable than any other platform. How do you ensure you are getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile?

Finding Leads

LinkedIn makes finding leads more simple than ever before. For starters, the platform's LinkedIn Messaging Ads platform is a convenient tool to advertise your services to potentially interested clients. Pair this with LinkedIn Gen Forms, and you can capture tons of leads. These gen forms are customizable ads sent as messages or sponsored content to the target audience to collect leads of higher quality. You can customize these ads to ask specific questions to certain audiences to receive more accurate information. Using LinkedIn Gen Forms double your lead conversion rate.

Many clients seek out real estate agents on LinkedIn, typically because they find them somewhere else and head to LinkedIn to learn more about the agent. They want to check out their qualifications, experience, and skills before taking the next step in their buying or selling process. Give yourself the upper hand by having all of this information available to them through your profile.

Your Profile

To optimize your LinkedIn profile, you need to start with exactly that—your profile! It is vital that your page is complete and inviting. That way, when leads visit your page, they know exactly who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. Your profile photo and banner are the first things your visitors will see. You should have a professional headshot for your profile photo and an informational image for your banner, such as an image that shows you working in your career field.

Headlines are the first thing visitors will read, so it needs to be catchy and informational. Although LinkedIn will automatically fill out this headline, you should personalize this section and take advantage of the 240 character count. Your About section is the next big piece of your LinkedIn puzzle. This summary should include anything you want leads to know about you and your business immediately. Highlight your significant accomplishments, feature client success stories, and take this opportunity to create a strong first impression for leads. Also, be sure to include a call-to-action or a "next step" for the lead to follow.

At this point, if a lead is still on your page, they will most likely be ready to reach out to you. Have contact information readily available for these potential clients. Without a quick, effortless way to contact you, the rest of your profile will be a waste.

When it comes to posting on LinkedIn, make sure you're doing it often! You can post your own content or repost others' content that you think would benefit your audience. What should you be posting? Great question! A lot of real estate professionals use their LinkedIn to showcase homes. Make sure to mix up your content too—you can post blogs, infographics, and personalized videos to keep things new and exciting for your audience.

LinkedIn can be a prosperous tool for connecting with potential clients and learning more about the real estate industry. Don't let this platform go unnoticed—it can be one of the best opportunities for making yourself seen! Perfect your profile and start watching the leads roll in.

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