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3 Tips To Maximize your LinkedIn Presence - Part 1

January 30 2012

If you go to LinkedInLinkedIn and do a search for “real estate,” at the time I'm writing this post, you'll get back 1,515,181 results.  So it's safe to say that REALTORS® aren't ignoring LinkedIn, right? But, what I can say is that with that many results, by and large, REALTORS® are missing the boat when it comes to LinkedIn and it's potential.


We took a turn through about 100 REALTORS’® LinkedIn pages, before deciding to write this article.  While, of course, we aren't going to give you screenshots and call out any one REALTOR® in particular (as that would be unethical), we will give you some things to avoid, and also some tips on things to definitely strive to achieve.


Rule #1: If you are going to have a LinkedIn page, DON'T ignore it

This seems pretty basic, right? Well, you wouldn't believe how many REALTORS’® pages we came across that either weren't set up all the way, or had been dormant for months. Even though LinkedIn is a "business networking" site, it's still social media. Even if you don't ever pay any attention to LinkedIn and think it doesn't matter, if you have an account on LinkedIn, people that do think it matters are going to visit your page. If they see you haven't finished your profile, or they see you haven't logged in or posted anything recently, they are not going to take you seriously.


Can you really afford to have people think you aren't serious about your real estate practice?

Rule #2: Get Involved

This one isn't so much about things we've seen people do wrong, as much as things people are constantly asking us about.  Every time we do a consultation with a potential client, part of the Leading Agent Marketing SystemLeading Agent Marketing System we present is social media management. Everybody has heard of linkedIn, but short of networking with their colleagues, most REALTORS® we meet with have no idea how to use LinkedIn as a tool that can help them get more business.


The number one thing you can do, to derive more leads and potential business, is to get involved.  There are two ways to do this and both involve LinkedIn groups.


Way #1: Join groups that have members that are your potential clients. Think about your niche.  Who do you represent? Are you a relo agent that deals mostly with “high tech” people? Are you an agent that works with a major university, helping faculty and staff buy homes? Or are you an agent that seems to always be working with an entrepreneur? No matter what type of agent you are, I would venture to say that there is a group that has your potential client base as members.


Once you join these groups, get involved.  Remember, this IS social media, so you get what you put into it.  Spend a few minutes every day, reviewing the posts and looking for people that need your advice.  I guarantee something will come up. When you see it, respond to the person, as detailed as you can, with any free advice you have to offer.  Remember this: Givers Gain.  If you help them out with whatever question they have, they WILL remember you, and will think of you when the time comes to buy or sell property.


Way #2: Start your own LinkedIn group.  This one does require work, but the benefits far outweigh the potential downfalls.  Let's say, for instance, that you are a REALTOR® that specializes in the Silicon Valley and primarily deals with high tech executives.  Start a group that focuses on the Silicon Valley real estate market. You can post statistics, market trends, and give your synopsis of the market.  Basically, post those things that you think your followers will most like. After all, most high tech executives are very analytical people, and stats and market reviews will be right up their alley.


This sounds like work, BUT there is a huge pay out.  That pay out is this: If you are the moderator for a LinkedIn group, you get to send one email message to EVERY member of your group, per week, and it's guaranteed that it will be 100% deliverable.  That is FREE online marketing.  That is priceless.


The more helpful you are to people, giving them content they want, the more your group will grow and the further your reach will go.  Not bad for a free tool.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of the article! We'll be publishing it tomorrow.