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They Text…What Next?

I think by now we can all agree on the fact that Mobile is an increasingly powerful medium for which to market one’s products and services. With over 277 million mobile users, the majority of whom carry their device with them nearly 24 hours a day, reaching someone on their cell phone, in real time, can have true impact on their actions if done properly. This week we’ll take a look at a company who not only got people to text, but also knew what to do next.

GuinnessBeerFirst, let’s take a quick recap. There are a number of different ways to use mobile technology; one of the most prevalent is SMS/text messaging. As the most commonly used application in the world, it is not only simple but extremely efficient. Using text messaging for marketing also allows you to capture the cell phone number of anyone who texts in to the campaign in order to market to them again in the future; a vital part of impacting the bottom line!

Guinness the Beer used text messaging as their primary means of communication for their national Rate Your Pint Challenge. This contest took place in bars and restaurants around the country which serve Guinness Draft Beer. Patrons could Rate Their Pint from 1-5 by sending a text message with the rating to the short code 31759. Each consumer who texted in to enter the contest was entered to win a Home Pub.