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4 Reasons We’re Changing Our Social Media Strategy

January 24 2012

Okay, show of hands: how many of you have “liked” our Facebook Page and then blocked us from appearing in your newsfeed? Don’t worry; in the immortal words of 2Pac, “I ain’t mad at cha.” In fact, we completely understand – after all, every darn one of the articles we publish on gets automatically published to FacebookFacebook and Twitter. That’s a whole lotta posts spamming your newsfeed. Well, no longer, we say! We’re launching an experiment to revisit our social media strategy.

How is it that every single post published on our site goes out via Facebook and Twitter? It’s all possible thanks to an interesting little tool called “Graffiti.” Graffiti automates posts on social media. It sounds convenient, but is it effective? Ask any social media expert and they’ll tell you “no.” We should have known better as we’ve published (and even authored) articles on this very subject.

So, we’re getting rid of Graffiti. Here’s why – and why most people are advised to stay away from auto-publishing resources.

1) Links to outside articles or other resources should include an introduction. We should be explaining why each article that we publish is a “must read.” Graffiti, because it is automated, only publishes a link and a snippet from the article.

2) We have many wonderful contributors who write articles for us or collaborate with us on articles we write. It would be really nice to be able to tag them when we publish links to their articles. Graffiti does not do this – it takes an actual human being.

3) Publishing EVERY post is excessive. People only have so much time to devote to reading articles – instead of pushing all of our posts, we should offer a few of the most interesting.

4) People are getting annoyed with seeing so much RET in their newsfeed. As a result, we run the risk of them blocking us – so they’re not going to see anything we post.

Please take this opportunity to “like” our Facebook pageFacebook page and follow us on Twitter. We have some exciting things planned (polls, product discussions, and more) – and will be focusing on less quantity and more quality!