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10 Gifts for Real Estate Agents

December 08 2021

Real estate agents are great at picking homes, perfect neighborhoods, and helping their clients through complicated contracts. And, of course, they're also great spouses, partners, friends, siblings, and parents!

Got a real estate agent in your life that you want to spoil this holiday season? Want to treat yourself to something sweet? See 10 gift ideas for real estate agents below.

1. Engraved Business Card Case

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 2

Check out this engraved business card case from Etsy!

Real estate agents are always on the go and ready to give out their business cards to rental leads, landlord, or potential investors. Consider giving your mother a stylish case to keep her business cards in order. If you're searching for some extra personalization, engraving with her name or initials is a great way to make your gift special.

2. A Good Real Estate Read

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 3

Try One Rental at a Time by Micheal Zuber

Consider giving your colleague a great real estate read that'll give her some solid inspiration during the new year. Here's some recommended reads: One Rental at a Time by Michael Zuber, Shift: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times by Gary Keller, and YouTube for Real Estate Agents: Learn How to Get Free Real Estate Leads and NEVER Cold Call Again by Karin Carr.

3. A Rental Beast Subscription

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 4

Are there some real estate agents that you really want to spoil? One of the most perfect gifts for real estate agents: A Rental Beast subscription. This holiday season, give the gift of a pipeline of future homebuyers! Rental Beast is the end-to-end leasing platform that simplifies the whole rental process and helps agents make rentals an integral part of their business. Rental Beast has the largest database. And, because we know how brutal the real estate industry can be, we give the most tools possible for agents to succeed. Learn more!

And, no need to pay for expedited shipping! We're always here to give you more information about Rental Beast, talk through how our platform can work with your business, and guide you through a demo.

4. Real Estate-Related T-Shirt

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 5

Check out real estate related shirts like this on

Looking for something cozy to lounge in that still reminds your colleague that they're an awesome real estate agent? Try searching for a real estate related t-shirt with a funny slogan, or something more understated, that they can wear to meet clients, grab groceries, or have a Netflix marathon on the couch!

5. Keep It Classic with a Personalized Mug for Your Favorite Real Estate Agent

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 6

Check out mugs like these on Etsy

This classic gift is perfect for the real estate agent who loves a coffee or tea, or sipping on anything that gives them that little extra boost in the mid-afternoon (energy drinks? Soda? We don't judge). And a personalized mug is a stylish addition to any desk! A little bit of personalization goes a long way, too. Think of your colleague's favorite color, favorite pattern—or even brainstorm some animals and TV shows—and see if you can find something related that will work well on a customized mug. Think about pairing their new personalized mug with some tea bags, hot chocolate mix, or ground coffee to complete your gift.

6. A Nimb Ring

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 7

Let's get real about real estate agent safety. Every time a real estate agent is alone with strangers (like at an open house or at a showing), there's an element of risk involved. Even if they feel as safe as can be in their neighborhood, nothing beats peace of mind. Check out the discreet and powerful Nimb ring. Here's how it works— this stylish oversized ring doubles as a smart safety device. If the wearer's in trouble, a quick tap to the panic button will alert nearby police services and text your emergency contacts. Buy a subscription starting at $29.99.

7. Real Estate Agents Will Love a New Tote Bag or Backpack

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 8

Real estate agents carry a bunch of luggage from showing to showing, from open house to open house. Real estate agents are typically carrying at least their flyers, some portable speakers, paper applications for hopeful renters, and their laptops to respond to leads on the go. Think about buying a new tote bag or backpack for your real estate colleague to carry all their essentials. Chic tote bags and backpacks can be found at almost any price point. Just go to your favorite online boutique and search by your preferred price, color, and size to choose something your colleague will love.

8. A Point-and-Click Camera

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 9

Is your real estate colleague hoping to get into YouTube or seriously considering a side business of becoming a real estate photographer? (Or do you think she'd just like to capture some better quality holiday photos?) Consider a point-and-click camera. Prices range from super affordable for basic cameras to highly expensive for a piece of tech with all the bells and whistles.

9. A Car Charger

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 10

Check out this car charger on Amazon

Simple, user-friendly, and usable throughout the year—a car charger is small but mighty holiday present. Pair the car charger with some good books, beautiful flowers, or gifts you know your real estate friend has been looking for.

10. Some Great Real Estate Education

rbeast 10 gifts for agents 11

Learning and sharpening your real estate skills are great ways to decrease anxiety, have fun, and build a sustainable business. This learning platform is easy to fit into even the most packed schedules. If you haven't already built rentals into your business plan, now is a great time to start building rentals into your business plan.

At Rental Beast, we believe that agents and brokers of all levels should have accessible education. So, we're opening the doors to Rental Beast University, our interactive online education platform for all agents for free. Get free resources.

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