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Why You Should Use Drone Photography for Every Listing

November 28 2021

Almost all real estate pros know that high-quality photography helps sell homes. But did you know that when a real estate listing uses aerial photography, they sell 68% faster than homes using traditional photography, according to multiple listing services statistics?

It's never been easier to obtain drone footage for every listing than today. Like the emergence of immersive 3D interactive tours, aerial footage is becoming commonplace. Adding drone footage can boost your marketing success for every listing, win over sellers and attract more potential buyers.

Moreover, aerial photography for every listing sets you apart from the competition and can wow your sellers. According to a study by HomeJab, while more than two out of three (67%) real estate agents have used aerial photography, currently, just 12% of all agents use drones for every listing.

Fortunately, professional real estate photographers widely use today's cutting-edge drone technology, and they are licensed to fly drones and know the local rules and restrictions.

Drone shoots are also more affordable than ever, allowing all agents to incorporate aerial footage into their marketing plans for every seller and every listing.

Big city shots

HomeJab drones 1

When you think about using aerial footage to help sell a property, you might envision using it to showcase a home on acreage. But today's smaller and more agile drones can shoot 4K quality video and images in just about any place, including for a big city listing.

Whether you are trying to sell a coop in Brooklyn, a townhome in DC, or a condo in downtown Seattle or Miami, aerial footage is a great way to set your listing apart.

A home located amid tall structures might get lost in the minds of a potential buyer, but drone footage can give them the proper context. Panned aerial shots allow someone to see the entire community as well as the setting of the home in relation to the neighborhood.

Aerial footage will also impress your sellers with downtown listings, so make this part of your listing presentation and the marketing services you provide sellers.

Suburban perspective

HomeJab drones 3

One of the greatest challenges home buyers have when searching for a home on the internet is getting a feel for the area. Unfortunately, local content is often sparse as neighborhood images and videos do not commonly accompany most home listings.

Adding drone footage for every suburban listing can change that. With a listing of a house located in the suburbs, aerial photos and video can tell a story about the entire area. You can showcase proximity to schools, parks, pet-friendly areas, and other local amenities buyers today say are essential.

Moreover, aerial footage helps give people perspective on the lot and its boundaries as you can instantly see a property's outline from above. A drone shoot can provide a view of the roads that give access to the property, which is another unique benefit.

The aesthetics of a neighborhood shine when shot by a drone as nearby playgrounds, lakes, rivers, and golf courses all stand out.

Country homes and drones

HomeJab drones 2

There may be no better way to showcase a country home than with drone photos and video. By capturing the acreage from above, you give your potential homeowner a view that will help them make a purchase decision quicker.

Outbuildings and other property features become even more impressive when photographed from above. Access roads, driveways, and other paved areas also are easier to delineate with an aerial shoot.

Perhaps most importantly, you will impress your sellers.

Aerial footage even in a sellers' market?

You might think that when you are in the middle of one of the most robust sellers' markets in history, you don't need to make the extra investment in drone photography.

However, when you skimp on your marketing investment that supports your sellers, you may put future referral business at risk.

How you market each listing – from what your listing materials look like to the marketing channels you use to promote each listing – says a lot about your brand and agent image in your local marketplace.

The best and most successful agents use drone photography and video because it works and increases their brand's perceived value.

Last step: hire a professional

One of the best ways to elevate your brand as a real estate agent or broker is to hire a professional real estate photographer for every listing. High-quality real estate photos not only convey your listings in the best possible way but can create an emotional connection with potential buyers. It's a win-win because your sellers will be happy too.

Most importantly, today, professional real estate photographers typically are a one-stop shop, allowing you to order photos, an immersive 3D tour with a floorplan, and aerial photography and video services as well.

HomeJab is America's most popular and reliable on-demand professional real estate photography and video service for real estate pros. Lightning-fast high-end visual production offerings include immersive 3D interactive tours, floor plan creation, affordable virtual staging, and turnkey aerial services.

To search for a local professional real estate photographer in your area who offers drone photography, go to to find an affordable and complete listing package with a 24-hour turnaround and easy online scheduling.

Learn more about drone photography and drone video shoots and samples at

Joe Jesuele is the founder and CEO of HomeJab, America's most popular and reliable on-demand professional real estate photography and video marketplace for real estate pros, and one of the nation's top real estate visual content experts.