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3 Open House Themes to Sell Your Listing This Halloween

October 11 2021

hdc open house themes halloweenDecorating your listings for Halloween can be fun and help generate extra interest in your listing, especially if you're planning to host a "haunted" open house. Here are three themes that can add some spooky or classy Halloween flair to your listings. Pick one to use at your next open house or use them as a launching off point to get your creative juices flowing and come up with your own open house theme.

Pumpkins and Gourds

If you want to acknowledge Halloween without fully committing to the holiday, working some pumpkins and gourds into the home's decorations can help. These seasonal items will give your listing a festive feel while giving you the flexibility to keep your other decorations classy or more subdued. For a twist on this classic decorative item, consider painting your pumpkins or gourds. Gold, silver, or brass pumpkins can bring draw attention to the home's fixtures of the same color.

Witches and Magic

A new home can feel like a magical place, so magic (and those who use it) can be a popular theme for an open house or fun, quirky listing photos. A cauldron full of candy, broom stick parking, pointy hats, robes, wands, and books are all fair game in a witches and magic themed home. You can also consider inviting visitors to come see the home in costume or provide a few festive games they can play to make their visit more memorable. Just remember not to go overboard with the decorations—too many and you may distract from the listing's best features.

Orange and Black

Orange and black have been the traditional colors of Halloween for centuries. As such, this theme is a natural option for your Halloween staging and open house theme. Set the table with black and orange place settings. Get some orange and black throw pillows for the beds and couches. Fill some vases (especially if they're made of pumpkins or gourds) full of orange and black themed bouquets.

For more ideas on how to make your listings look great throughout the year, download a free copy of The Homeowner's Guide to Staging. This free ebook has great tips you and your clients can use to decorate your listings in any season. For even more ways to indulge in a bit of Halloween fun, plug your listings (or your office address) into www.Haunted.Homes to find out if your properties are haunted!

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