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7 Tips for Best Real Estate Listing Presentation Using 360 Tours

August 31 2021

In 2021, professional listing presentations are more important than ever. Only the most impressive presentations will win over clients. How an you impress your potential clients? How will you exceed your competition?

To find out, we sat down with David Crombie, the CEO of Professionals Group Australia, to discuss a few incredible options for a visual presentation, including virtual tours.

He shares why virtual tours may be the one thing that sets you apart from your competition during a listing presentation. Listen to David and help yourself to digitalize your offer and improve your listing presentation:

Here are the seven advantages that virtual tours deliver:

  1. They are much more engaging and immersive than videos, and they put the viewer in the driver's seat
  2. They allow you to become a digitally fluent real estate agent who can successfully promote the listing
  3. If you use VR goggles, you allow viewers to virtually transport themselves to the property as if they were there
  4. Having a 360° virtual tour on a mobile phone allows buyers to have their family and friends included in the decision making process
  5. VR tours make for amazing and outstanding social media content, adding value to your marketing package
  6. Virtual walkthroughs can be used as a reporting tool for showing landlords how their property looks like while you manage it
  7. You can tell sellers that VR tours will increase engagement with your listing, and that the time spent on listings with virtual tours is four times higher than on listings with photos only

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