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Top 5 Ways to Build a Mobile Web Presence

It seems that the old adage – time fly’s when you’re having fun – holds true!

While most of us have been texting for years all things mobile changed when apple released the iPhone almost three years ago.  Since then the competition to be best in breed, creator of sexiest and most advanced device on the market, between phone manufacturers and the carriers who supply their devices has combined to fuel the mobile fire.  As we all know that fire is burning out of control!

According to Neilson U.S. Mobile Web increased 4% in January 2010 from 67 million users to 69.6 million users.  However, more importantly than how many people are using the mobile is how long they use it for.  The average user session increased in from 4 minutes 57 seconds to 5 minutes 14 seconds in January as well.  It seems that the old adage – time fly’s when you’re having fun – holds true!

The increase in Mobile Web usage for longer periods of time is a direct result of content providers tailoring their sites specifically for the mobile device.  For example, sites like Google and Facebook, two of the most popular Mobile Websites, have done a great job when it comes to streamlining and formatting their content and user experience for the mobile device.  As the Mobile Web continues to evolve as the preeminent destination for internet usage, making sure your brand is positioned properly for that medium is becoming increasingly important.

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