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Friday Freebie: Cheat Sheet for Talking Sellers Off the Fence

August 12 2021

There are a lot of reasons that homeowners today are reluctant to sell--they're afraid they won't find a new home to buy, they like their current mortgage rate, etc.

How you respond to their objections could win you a shiny new listing. But what if you're unsure of your powers of persuasion? Lean on this week's Friday Freebieā€”a cheat sheet designed to help you talk reluctant sellers off the fence.

Free Download of the 2021 Home Seller Cheat Sheet, courtesy of Zurple

frifree zurple home seller cheat sheetIt's a great time to sell a home, and a great time to be a listing agent...if you can find a listing. People are staying in their current homes longer than ever and many are reluctant to sell. You may even be talking with homeowners who are toying with the idea of selling, but aren't quite convinced. How do you convince them?

Zurple's 2021 Home Seller Cheat Sheet to the rescue! This free download offers information you can reference to help persuade homeowners to sell, including:

  • Common seller objections and how to overcome them
  • Statistics, information, and articles to motivate sellers off the fence
  • Tactics for convincing owners to sell (like recommending contract contingencies)
  • Processes and strategies for selling during COVID-19
  • And more!

You can use this cheat while on the phone with a seller, on a Zoom call, or even keep it on your phone to reference anytime you need it.

You'll always have the perfect comeback to any objection ready when you download the 2021 Home Seller Cheat Sheet!