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How Virtual Tours Help Sell Real Estate Sight Unseen or without Face-to-Face meetings

August 10 2021

The years 2020 and 2021 turned out to be a crazy time for anyone and even crazier for real estate industry. Face-to-face meeting restrictions and travel restrictions led to no open houses and no meetings with sellers or buyers. Many businesses could not quickly transform themselves into digitally capable operators and they went out of business or they took on some heavy losses and staff reductions.

You made it, though! You either got lucky because of government support or because the market turned out super hot in the end—or you were simply ready for what the future is going to bring!

However you did it, congratulations! You probably are one of the best in the industry and you have your online presence down pat. However, you still might be better as there is always room to learn and improve. We hope you are reading this to be the best of the best! How?

See how the best agents in the industry manage to thrive during the pandemic and how they future-proof their business and marketing strategy:

How virtual tours help sell real estate sight unseen or with no face-to face-meetings:

  • Keep your staff and customers safe by avoiding face-to-face contact
  • Win new managements and listings by offering virtual tours
  • Present your properties in 360° and approve buyers or tenants online
  • Have a open house 24/7 online on any device
  • Pre-qualify buyers or tenants
  • Create tours yourself without having to wait for anyone, for as little as $5 per property

Virtual Tours Creator will teach you ONE-ON-ONE how to create 360° tours. We will hold your hand throughout the whole process. Rent or sell sight unseen, win more listings, and stand out from your competition. Book a FREE information call to learn more.

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