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Win More Listings and Sell More Real Estate with DIY 360 Virtual Tours

August 04 2021

Competition in the real estate industry is so big that it is very difficult to be different or better than the guy next door while keeping your expenses low. Have you been looking for ways to exceed competition, improve your marketing and at the same time lower your cost? Well, DIY 360° virtual tours are your answer to everything. How is this possible? Let us break it down for you in a few points below.

But don't just take our word for it, listen to one of the very successful agency owners from Australia, Edgar Natolo, who is killing the competition using 360° virtual tours for real estate sales and rentals.

1. You don't need photographers

How many times could you have won the listing if you could get the photography done in the same week after your sales pitch to impress the sellers? That was impossible, as you had to get your photographer booked in first and they are usually very busy and can't come to the property when you need them, right?

Nowadays, you can create your own professional VR tours of properties without any photography experience or without having to ask a photographer to do it for you. All you need is a 360° camera and a virtual tours creator software to make them on your mobile phone in as fast as 15 minutes per three-bedroom house. You can do it on the spot in front of the sellers (if the property has been prepared/staged) without having to wait for anyone.

2. Lower your marketing costs

You can exceed your competition by lowering your marketing costs. How? Well, virtual tours from Virtual Tours Creator will cost you as little as $3 per property. You would have to pay a photographer between $150 to $600, depending on the size of the house. When doing it yourself, you only pay for your own time and a small fee for the tour, and you can take as many photos as you wish.

3. Sell the lifestyle

While using your own virtual tours, you can include 360° photos of places surrounding the property that will help you to sell the lifestyle, not just the apartment/house itself. You can take your 360° set wherever you like. Go and shoot the nearby park, a trendy coffee place, local shops, school, train station, bus stop or the beach and have it in your 360° VR tour. Moreover, because you own your photos, you can reuse them on all the properties that you sell in your area. How great is that?

4. Find properties that haven't sold for a while

Find properties in your area that have been on the market for quite a while and reach out to the sellers. Offer them your marketing packages, including virtual tours that will allow you to reach out of state or international buyers. In many cases, buyers can't or won't have time to travel to see the properties, so by offering VR tours of properties you increase your reach and get the sellers to choose you.

5. Sell sight unseen

Agents using virtual tours for real estate sales are selling properties sight unseen. This saves the time to you and buyers on unnecessary or forbidden travel. The days of the open house are gone since COVID kicked in, and the way you do business has changed forever. Whether you like it or not, your tenants or buyers know that this technology is here and they expect to see it from the best. Do you consider yourself a good agent? If yes, you should probably start thinking on delivering maximum customer satisfaction.

6. Improve your social media content and SEO

You probably know by now that having a great social media presence can get you leads and customers. Ninety percent of both buyers and sellers start their search for agents online. Google and Facebook are the first two things that they will search.

You might be even paying for Facebook advertising, but without outstanding content, nobody is going to look at your ads. Just photos or even videos are boring and already outdated. Making fun of yourself might be the way to go—but having a 360° virtual tour makes everyone click on your post! You can offer free virtual tours worth up to $600 if viewers sell with you! How awesome is that ?

Same with Google. You need great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be found on top of Google search. You can embed virtual tours on your website, and when people explore it, they will spend more time on your website. Google will reward you for that and push you up the search results, thus making it easier for sellers to find the best agents in their area.

7. Sell more, sell faster!

If your marketing offer will include 360° house tours, you can be sure you will reach potential buyers in the furthest places of the world. Therefore, you can promise the buyers to sell their property faster than your competition. VTC customers cut down the time on market by at least two to three weeks, if not a month.

8. Digitize your business

Use virtual tours when pitching to potential sellers and you will surely not only look more professional, but digitally ready for whatever danger might be ahead of your offer. Absolutely no physical obstacles can put your listing in jeopardy. The sellers can have peace of mind that their home is in the hands of an absolute champion that delivers the latest and greatest in marketing techniques.

9. Allow sellers to relax

Lastly, think how much more convenient will it be for sellers if they don't have to leave their home every weekend for a few hours so that you can do the showings until you find the right buyers. This can sometimes take weeks or months. If you create a virtual twin of their home, they will only have to prepare or stage it once. No next door neighbors will come around to check out their place to entertain themselves on the weekend. You, on the other hand, will only talk to qualified buyers after they have seen the virtual version of the property.

Virtual Tours Creator has made creating 360° virtual tours easy, fast and affordable. To learn more, visit

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