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What Agents Can Learn from Coldwell Banker’s New Wave Group

January 10 2012

Before I start chatting away about this interesting concept, I think I’ll let the folks of Coldwell Banker’s New Wave Group speak for themselves. Check out the video:

Central to the New Wave Group is their concept of a “Social Media Hotspot.” It’s actually really basic; here’s how it works.

1) Someone in the group will post a picture of one of their listings, with a comment about the property, on Facebook.

2) Everyone in the group will “like” or share that comment on their independent profile.

3) In this way, the post is shared with approximately 15 different networks and reaches up to 15,000 people in under 15 minutes.

This simple concept can certainly be applied to your own business – you may even be doing it already. Chances are, you already have some sort of social media network. Use it! Start small, collaborating with other agents in your brokerage to share your listings and your ideas.

You can learn more about the New Wave Group with this blog post from Coldwell Banker’s Gen Blue website. Apparently, they’ve got all sorts of innovative ideas for using technology to grow their business.