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The Accountability Snowball

January 09 2012

You don’t realize how much you need a boss until you don’t have one. They provide (the good ones) a certain level of accountability that many of us have trouble producing for ourselves. So, what do we do when we’re self-employed and need that extra accountability and discipline?

You find and ally to help you fight the good fight. This can come in many different forms, but finding a quality accountability coach can bring your business to new heights.

Allies To Accountability

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My first bit of advice about maintaining discipline is to get a coach or accountability partner. This can be someone you pay or not, and can consist of one individual or a group of people.

Billy Neel is my accountability coach for 2012. He has run multiple businesses at a very high level, is a veteran of the industry and I know he will hound me about every goal I want to accomplish this year.

That last part is particularly important. You want to try to avoid a Yes Man. You want someone who will find your specific triggers and be relentless in their pursuit to help you. You want someone that’ll nag the heck out of you.

In the beginning it will be uncomfortable, but isn’t that what you need?

The Accountability Snowball

accountability snowball

The Accountability Snowball has two main components: written goals and early victories. The first should be very self-explanatory. If you miss this crucial step you might as well forget about having a breakout year in 2012.

The next component will be very familiar for anyone that knows Dave RamseyDave Ramsey. The basic principle is that you tackle the easiest goals first, so that you free up physical and mental resources to really attack the bigger goals.

Promise yourself rewards for achieving those first goals? Let the results be reward enough. Whatever it takes to get the work done, that’s what matters.


Remember that justification is your enemy. There are one hundred reasons and excuses for you to fall back on. Those justifications for not getting it done are the enemy of a victorious version of yourself, just waiting to shake your hand on December 31st, 2012.

I believe the main thing that ends a real estate agent’s career is the lack of a hand pushing you forward. A hand gently, sometime not so gently, pushing you and expecting deliverables.

Who keeps you going when you don’t feel like doing it?

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