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The Best Content Driver? Your Clients

January 09 2012

There was a time, back in the internet dinosaur age, when product pages had just that and nothing else. You had a few hundred words of text to explain the product and for search engine keyword-tracking, but it did not update regularly. Today, product pages almost universally have social media components that allow for customer reviews, and companies encourage them—even if the reviews are bad. Customers (and real estate prospects scanning the web for an agent) are smarter than we think, and are able to read between the lines of both good and bad testimonials. Having reviews there, either way, gives a product or professional page a true pulse.

Now that we’re in a drastically new and constantly changing online age, we’re all aware that our web sites must be refreshed at least weekly to keep viewers returning, keywords flowing, and to stay ranked high on relevant searches. It’s for this reason, among others, that we’ve suggested to our agents that real estate blogging is beneficialreal estate blogging is beneficial because it’s an easy, inexpensive and effective method for keeping your content fresh.

Busy agents rarely find the time to update their blogs and sites, so it’s time to take a lesson from some of the most-visited sites on the web, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, where practically every single thing on the page gets updated every second—and not by the hand of a web master or content manager. User-, member- and customer-generated traffic can be the most effective way of keeping your site fresh, alive and attractive. And you don’t have to lift a finger.

If you’ve already started using ReachFactor, you’re aware of the realtor survey tool, which sends an automatic message to your clients asking for their testimonial about your services during the transaction. ReachFactor does the rest, including verify the reviews for authenticity. After that, these reviews appear on your profile page, and they can be automatically synced on your Facebook page (see examplesee example) or on your personal real estate web site.

Now that we’re at the starting gate of a new year—one with dubious real estate projectionsdubious real estate projections —it’s a good time to survey where your business resources are going. Real estate agents have no choice but to embrace social media to increase conversion rates and maintain existing relationships. If you find that you’re having to choose to put less time into your web site’s content, the key could be found in your former, existing and future clients.

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