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Friday Freebie: 5 Real Estate Checklists to Share with Clients and Prospects

May 20 2021

You're organized, strategic, and all your processes are streamlined… and then there's your clients. A disorderly client can throw a wrench into the sale of a home no matter how cool, calm and collected you are as a real estate agent.

Let's not blame your clients, though—the sale or purchase of a home is such an infrequent event in a person's life that you can't expect them to be on top of all the details that are important to the process. You can, however, prepare them for what to expect.

That's where this week's Friday Freebie comes in. We're sharing five checklists you can share with your clients to help keep them on track all the way through moving day.

5 Real Estate Checklist Templates, courtesy of Zurple

frifree zurple checklistsWe have a saying around the RE Technology office: "Plan your work and work your plan." Having a roadmap for success makes achieving your goals far simpler. It's the same with buying or selling a home—when your clients know what to expect and what to do, they can sail through the home sales process with maximum ease.

These five checklists from Zurple break down what your client needs to do in each of five situations. They'll see the steps involved in preparing a home for sale, decluttering before an open house, how to prepare to buy a home, what to do before moving, and more.

  1. Home Buyer's Checklist
  2. Home Seller's Checklist
  3. Prepare Your Home for Market Checklist
  4. Open House Checklist
  5. Moving Checklist

You can also use these lists as a lead magnet on your website or on social media. For example, you can target prospects who are researching what to do to prepare to buy or sell a home, and offer these checklists to them in exchange for their contact information. All five checklists can easily be edited with your name and contact info so leads know who to reach out to when they're ready to transact.

Download these five FREE real estate checklists now!