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Organizational #ProTip for Your Real Estate Lead Generation

May 18 2021

It's good practice to diversify your lead sources. Meaning, don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

The most successful real estate businesses tend to have a variety of lead sources, from internet leads to referrals and drop-ins, to some more classic tactics like cold calling and open houses.

But your prospecting plan is going to look different for each source. Here's a tip for how to organize or "bucket" your lead sources so you can build out the perfect lead generation strategy.

Internet/Online Leads

boomtown organizational protip lead gen 2

These leads are top-of-the-funnel, meaning they're a bit colder and will have a longer "incubation period" before they convert. You'll need a strong engagement and nurture plan to convert as many of these as possible! (Which a CRM like BoomTown can help you out with.)

Lead gen strategies for online leads are:

  • Digital advertisements on Google and Facebook
  • Organic website traffic
  • Online testimonials
  • Custom landing pages on your IDX website

Prospect Leads

boomtown organizational protip lead gen 1

These are more mid-funnel leads that don't fall into the internet lead category.

Lead gen strategies for these types of leads are:

  • Hosting events
  • Open houses
  • Cold calling
  • Expired/FSBOs

Sphere Leads

boomtown organizational protip lead gen 3

These are going to be your warmer leads that are already somewhere in your sphere. This could even include leads that already live in your database but that you haven't engaged with in a while!

Lead gen strategies for sphere leads could include:

The name of the game is to organize your leads appropriately and understand where they fall into the funnel before making a plan for how to engage with them once you have their contact info.

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