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Sharing the Love on Shareable Sites

January 05 2012

In real estate marketing, agents are always looking for new ways to make inroads to help generate old-fashioned word of mouth referrals. One of the methods that you might consider is sharing the love on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page with your clients…about your clients. This kind of generosity may lead to an online exchange of valuable virtual real estate space – that being space on someone’s social media business page.

Many of you will have developed a relationship with your buyers and sellers during the process of completing a real estate transaction so keep this in mind when posting updates on your social media accounts. If you know the person pretty well and don’t think it would be invasive of privacy, (maybe just ask them) you might post that you just sold them a home. This can segue into plugging their business or profession and vice versa.

People consider it flattering when their mentioned in a positive manner and everybody can appreciate free advertising even if your sphere of influence is a handful of followers. You can post information on what you know about their business (making sure to include the name of the business and a website address if they have one) and make sure they know that you did.

The @ + name symbol works for all three major social media outlets to let them know that they were mentioned. There are several reasons why this could be important. An exchange of thoughts on a business page is visible to everyone. If the exchange gets a lot of commentary (even if it’s just between you and the other person), the specific post will get more attention and everybody likes to join in the “hot topic” that’s getting a lot of attention.

If the client is social media savvy, they will recognize the gesture and return the favor by posting something flattering about your services or mention your business name with a link to your real estate websitereal estate website or business page or whatever seems appropriate. You may get a mention even if they’re not savvy. That’s really what social media sites are all about but sometimes it helps to be blatant about how to interact with clients and drum up new business so you’ll pardon me for equiping my Captain Obvious gear. It’s my job here.

Online engagement is really cool, but you can use experiences from in person exchanges for inspiration. I will never forget one agent’s gesture to me after her and I had a conversation at an open house. She had my physical mailing address and after a few months, sent me a postcard with a packet of marigold seeds, something to plant in the backyard of a new home…very simple, original and memorable. Not some hokey calendar or magnetic business card, a real personable gesture. The concept translates easily into the virtual realm if you get my drift.

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